Saturday, 11 September 2010

Penfield F/W 2010 Lookbook - A Longmeadow Morning

Yes. Finally it's that time of the year again. The return of cold, grey, mild weather. The beginnings of dark, melancholic musical releases. The football league season is back in full swing, Steve Claridge once again gracing our screens to add light entertainment to the lives of those who have a slightly average knowledge of football with his outlandish and bemusing opinions, or lack thereof. Most importantly though, this time of the year signals the introduction of fall/winter collections into stores. These are without doubt my favourite collections, with jackets, flannel shirts, heavy gauge jumpers/knitwear, new denim and further trainer releases. This time of the year really is wonderful.

Recently the New England based outerwear brand Penfield have released their fall/winter 2010 lookbook, entitled 'A Longmeadow Morning', and suitably so. I am a real admirer of the Penfield brand, and I respect the way they stay true to their design routes in Massachusetts, where the company was founded back in 1975. Previous lines have displayed a penchant for designing to quality outerwear that is practical yet aesthetically pleasing, suited to outdoor activity just as much as it is in specialist streetwear stores. The new fall/winter 2010 collection very much looks to be following the trend set by it's previous collections, with high quality and practical materials used to create some very cool designs, although I do have a reservation or two about features in the lookbook.

The abundance of good quality flannel as well as buttoned down shirts within the lookbook really stood out to me, with a number of checked shirts as well as plain light denim styles to provide a nice balance on the shirt front of things. This is something the brand have always produced well, with great materials and nice fits. The presence of thick, durable jackets bracing us for what will hopefully be a reasonably cold winter are also a highlight of the collection. Penfield are specialists in creating high quality jackets and windbreakers as this line suggests, with practical materials and fits combined with a smart design which on one of the jackets features a well chosen navy shoulder trim against the main beige colouring of the jacket. The one area I am disappointed with in the line is the seemingly great amount of gilets that feature in collection. This is down to personal taste in all honesty, but when have gilets every been a nice clothing design? To put it simply, they haven't. The body of the gilet design looks like it's been based on the body of the Michelin man, and the sleeveless element has always bemused me. Why not just buy a jacket which has the essential feature of sleeves, which whilst at the same time as being a more aesthetically pleasing design will keep you warmer? Please forgive me for the extended rant here.

In all (excluding the awful gilets), the new Penfield fall/winter 2010 collection is looking very promising, with some really nice shirt and jacket designs. You can view the full lookbook by clicking here. You can also expect to see the items online shortly at as well as in stores such as Size? and Urban Outfitters.

Penfield Fall/Winter 2010 Lookbook - A Longmeadow Morning

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