Tuesday, 21 September 2010

SBTRKT & Sampha - 'Evening Glow'

'Evening Glow' is a work of real talent. Inexplicably this release slipped past my guard back in June, a concept I still fail to understand due to the fact that SBTRKT and Sampha are producers I admire, as well as the fact Ramp is without doubt one of my favourite labels and is always guaranteed to release quality material. 'Evening Glow', track two of the brilliant 'Break Off' EP, grabs you immediately, and you can't help but submit to its brilliance once the dreamy dub sound subsumes you after the drop. I'm so pleased I came across this track.

'Evening Glow' "goes slow" as the opening male vocals establish with almost immediate effect. The track patiently builds over a period of two minutes, the track growing with the increasing presence of a bubbling sub-bass, increasing layers of synths and handclaps as well as the more prominent impact of the female vocals. The track then comes to a halt, with the short interlude of a lovely synth chord arrangement, which is then drowned out after the drop when the track reaches the 2:10 mark. It's from this point onwards that the track makes its real impact, creating a lovely dreamy dub sound which is impossible not to appreciate. The slow, stepping garage beat lays the foundation upon which the incredible synth line melody is placed, providing for me the highlight of the tracks production. The wailing female vocal clips accompany the wonderful melody perfectly, with the percolation of the beat and bass complementing the blissful melodies nicely. 

It really is a lovely track, one well worth listening to below. 'Break Off', the lead track of the EP, is also worth listening to. You can preview the rest of the EP and purchase it if you decide to do so by clicking here. I couldn't recommend 'Evening Glow' highly enough, dream away.

SBTRKT + Sampha - Evening Glow by samphamusic

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