Thursday, 23 September 2010

Seven Wonders - 'Crazy' (DFL)

Head nodder, shoulder shudder. That's exactly what I've been doing for the past 2 hours with this track on repeat. Old school garage really is wonderful, and when done correctly, there isn't another genre I prefer. Seven Wonders' (made up of DJ Injekta and Zed Bias) 'Crazy' is an example of top quality garage, it has all the elements I could ever ask for in garage. If your wondering what the sound is like, I'd compare them more to Groove Chronicles and R.I.P Productions, with a smooth yet dark sound, and of course incredible disembodied diva vocals.

I couldn't ask for anymore from 'Crazy'. The track tentatively builds to the 1 minute mark, with the gradual introduction of a beautiful 3-notes synth chord melody, soft tapping percussion and a sub-bass that threatens to kick off at any moment. The track enters it's full swing after 1 minute, with a skittery, stepping garage beat and diva vocals plus the inserts of MC Juiceman introduced to accompany the aforementioned elements. The track gets darker as it progresses, with a heavy bassline grumbling beneath the garage beat after the track reaches 2 minutes. This darker sound provides a lovely contrast to the blissful diva vocals and synth melody, both elements complementing each other well in the production of a dark but uplifting sound. A wonderful track, which I can't recommend to you enough. Simply listen.

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