Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Junk de Luxe SS10

Junk de Luxe is a clothing brand which was established in Denmark in 1986 by Thomas Gundorph. The ethos of the brand is to produce clothing for men and women which appeals to both the fashion conscious and the urban dresser.

The new items of the spring/summer 2010 line have been unveiled in a lookbook, pictures of which can be seen below. The new line has been named 'Casual Dissidents', with the idea behind this new collection being the aim of creating a unique look which combines Scandinavian retro fashion with vintage American sportswear designs. These items are yet to be given a full release, but they are expected to made available in the coming weeks and months. You will be able to browse and purchase the items below plus much more from, or by visiting Selfridges, Harrods or Urban Outfitters, which all stock Junk de Luxe products.

Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Peverelist FACT Mix 132

Bristol based Tom Ford (Peverelist), the innovative dubstep producer/DJ, has recently composed a 40 minute mix for FACT magazine. The mix, which was impressively accomplished on vinyl turntable (the original way), displays the fusion of electronica/techno and dubstep which is the sound so often associated with Peverelist. You can download this brilliant mix at, but unfortunately I can't provide you with a tracklist as Peverelist refused to give away any information on the tracks he used within this mix.

If you like the sound of the mix or are just interested in trying out the artist generally, I would recommend looking into some of his own productions, notably his first two releases, which were his 'Roll With The Punches' EP and 'Erstwhile Rhythm' EP. More recently (November 2009) he released his first LP, 'Jarvik Mindstate', which highlights his signature fusion of electro and dubstep sounds. If you're a fan of artists such as FaltyDL and Pangaea, then I think this is the sort of sound you will appreciate.

Aside from producing and djing, Ford also runs the successful Bristol based Punch Drunk Records, which has released tracks by the likes of Shortstuff, Pinch, RSD, Guido, Gemmy, Hyetal, and of course Peverelist himself. As well as this Ford also runs a full time record store in Bristol, Rooted Records, from which you can purchase the most up-to-date dubstep/electronic records from online ( or by visiting the store (9 Gloucester Road, Bishopston, Bristol, Avon, BS7 8AA) if you're ever in Bristol.

Monday, 29 March 2010

Kidrobot SS10 in Size?

Size? have made the decision to start stocking Kidrobot apparel in their flagship stores around the country, and the first items they will be stocking are the line's Spring/Summer 2010 releases. Kidrobot was founded in 2002 by Paul Budnitz and originally specialised in producing designer toys which became extremely popular in Japan and Hong Kong, leading to release in Europe and North America.

In addition, since 2006 the brand has expanded in creating limited edition clothing, most notably print t-shirts and hoodie's featuring Kidrobot characters. The line produces high-end casualwear for both men and women, encorporating bright colours and classic prints. There are very few Kidrobot flagship stores, with the first to open in the UK at the end of last year in London (Carnaby Street, Earlham Street). As well as finding the items in the Kidrobot flagship stores, you can find them online at, and of course you can find a few different styles of the SS10 range as pictured below in Size? stores around the country (

Kidrobot Skwak Oil Slick Dunny T-Shirt
Kidrobot Robot Head T-Shirt
Kidrobot Labbit Reversible Jacket
Kidrobot Kid Punk Exposed Hoodie
Kidrobot Kid Punk Classic Hoodie
Kidrobot Gingham Dunny T-Shirt
Kidrobot De La Soul Plugs T-Shirt
Kidrobot 6 Shooter T-Shirt

Saturday, 27 March 2010

Special Edition - J Dilla Stussy T-Shirt

Stussy and Stones Throw Records have teamed up to produce a limited edition t-shirt in dedication to the late James Dewitt Yancey (aka J Dilla - 1974-2006). The t-shirt is available in black and white, and features the famous photo of J Dilla as pictured by Raph Rashid. This t-shirt was released on Friday and in extremely few numbers, the only place where they are available is the Size? store in Covent Garden (37a Neal Street, Covent Garden, London,WC2H 9PR). The t-shirts are pictured in the two photos below.

For those of you who don't know who J Dilla was, he is considered as one of the most influential hip-hop producer's/DJ's of the last decade. He first came onto the hip hop scene in the early 1990's, where his promising abilities were founded in his productions of works by big name artists such as A Tribe Called Quest (you must give 'Midnight Marauders' a listen, in my opinion the best hip-hop group of all-time), Common, The Pharcyde and De La Soul. This then transferred into opportunities into as a solo artist, which dominated much of his work in the early 2000's. As a starting point I would recommend listening to his album 'Donuts', which is brilliantly created, with 31 hip-hop/soul/funk tracks blended together in a wonderful mix which is considered as the signature mark of Dilla's work along with his great sampling techniques.

Sadly at the age of 32 Dilla died after a prolonged battle with the blood disease TTP, this only three days after the album 'Donuts' had been released. His influence is evident in the music of today, most notably on the alternative hip-hop scene and also having rapidly increasing presence in the electronic genre, with a huge number of new generation electronic artists citing Dilla as a great influence upon their work.

Thursday, 25 March 2010

Y-3 SS10

After watching A Clockwork Orange (Kubrick, 1971) for the umpteenth time last night at the campus cinema I had decided to post an analysis on the brilliantly disturbing masterpiece. However, after much consideration, I decided against it believing that my analytical skills would do no justice to such a wonderful work of art, and therefore I instead recommend that you watch the film if you haven't already done so (brace yourself if not).

So instead I provide you with Y-3's new Spring/Summer collection for 2010. Y-3 is a collaborative project between Adidas and Japanese designer Yohji Yamamoto, with the aim of producing clothing that combines high fashion with classic Adidas styling. The brand, established in 2003, is one of my favourite's, I am especially fond of the jackets which the line has created over the past few years. Previous lines have produced unique designs that showcase bold colours along with classic and also innovative styles of clothing. Below I have picked out some of my favourite pieces from Y-3's SS10 collection, which once again delivers the goods.

Also, in celebration of the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, Yamamoto and Adidas have decided to create an additional collection, which focuses on the abstract idea of World Cup dressing. This collection was unveiled as part of the New York Fashion week at the end of last year and is only now set to be released. Pictures of the event, which French football legend Zinedine Zidane attended (he has a close affiliation with Adidas after years of sponsorship), and the World Cup line can be seen below the Y-3 SS10 collection pictures. Obtaining these items may prove difficult, with only specialist retail stores stocking Y-3 products (

Y-3 Classic Crew Neck T-ShirtY-3 Classic Leather Hooded Jacket
Y-3 Classic Polo
Y-3 Classic Windbreaker
Y-3 Flower Print T-Shirt

Y-3 Headphones T-Shirt
Y-3 Kazukhiri Black Hi Trainers
Y-3 Kazukhiri Silver Hi TrainersY-3 Navy Honja Low Trainers
Y-3 Tailored Slim Jacket
Y-3 Toggle Windbreaker
Y-3 Track Cardigan
Y-3 White and Cream Herjarklack
2010 South Africa World Cup Collection:

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

New WeSC Headphones Release

For those of you who are friends of mine you will know that I'm a huge fan of WeSC (WeAretheSuperlativeConspiracy) headphones, shown in the fact I only take them off before I go to bed (I would go as far to say they could be considered my best friend).

WeSC is a Swedish company, founded in Stockholm in 1999, that produces clothing for both men and women as well as a vast range of headphones. I fell in love with their headphones as soon as I saw them, with their brilliant designs being the stand-out feature. I was a first worried that they would lack quality in terms of sound due to the focus on design. However, after trying them out I discovered the sound quality was also very good, and therefore I decided to invest.

The latest release of headphones from WeSC in the form of the bongo design, the new Stretch Bongo Assorted headphones. Once again I love the unique design, this is something which gets me every time, if I had my way I would have at least 10 sets of different WeSC designed headphones. If you like these the best place to find them would be WeSC's flagship store in London, which is based on Carnaby Street, and also online at

Here are the specifics of the headphones (none of which I understand in all honesty):

40 mm power drivers1kHz sensitivity; 120 dBImpedance; 33 OhmsFrequence range; 20-20 001 HzPlug, gold plated 3; 5 mm stereoCord; 0,5 m + 1,0 m extension PVC cord.

In the coming weeks I'll be dedicating more posts to WeSC's brilliant designs.

George FitzGerald

George FitzGerald is a London based producer who is considered to be Joy Orbison's protege, especially after O'Grady made the promising artist the first signing to his Doldrums record label at the end 2009.

FitzGerald is yet to have any official releases to his name, however a few of his songs have found circulation on his myspace page and also in a number of mixes by established dubstep/house artists, the most notable of these being the inclusion of his track 'Don't You?' on Scuba's recent Sub:stance mix.

His sound is similar to that of Orbison's, fusing a mix of sounds that includes 2-step, house, and also elements of techno. His songs also feature the trademark Orbison looped vocals, and these add a soulful element to his electro based tracks.

FitzGerald has also a made a brilliant mix for the Take Flight Club, and this gives an insight to his own taste in music and the kind of thing we can expect to hear him playing in live DJ sets, so if you like what you hear in the mix I recommend checking out his myspace page and looking out for dates when he'll be playing near you. You can download the mix from

Tracklisting -
1. Shed – Ithaw (Ostgut Ton)
2. George FitzGerald – Weakness (White)
3. Thomas Schumacher – Pink Boots (Spiel-Zeug Schallplatten)
4. Joy Orbison – The Shrew Would Have Cushioned The Blow (Aus)
5. Kalon – Haiku (Sandwell District)
6. Zombie – Digital Fauna (Mathhead)
7. Shortstuff – Progression (Formant Recordings)
8. DJ Tocadisco – Shrine feat. Chelonis R. Jones [Extrawelt Remix] (Superstar Recordings)
9. Mike Monday – Grace [Justin Martin Remix] (Dirtybird)
10. George FitzGerald – Don’t You (Forthcoming on Doldrums)
11. SBTRKT / Sinden – Kind of Familiar (White)
12. George FitzGerald – W.R (White)

FitzGerald's myspace page ( features the tracks 'Fernweh', 'Don't You?' and 'W.R.', and I'm sure that in the coming weeks and months this will be updated constantly with new tracks and releases, so make sure you look out and I'll be keeping you posted.

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Adidas Consortium - 'The Unforeseen' Non-Dyed Collection

The Adidas Originals Consortium series has re-issued its Non-Dyed hi-tops in the form of 'The Unforeseen' collection, a trainer which first came to prominence as a popular basketball trainer in the 70's.

The new issue of the Non-Dyed hi-top is composed of soft premium full-grain leather, giving enhanced comfort and increased flexibility to the trainer. The white pebbled midsoles are a really nice feature of the trainer, complementing the upper monotone design of the trainer extremely well.

'The Unforeseen' Non-Dyed collection has been released in only a trio of colours (university red, black and uniform blue), highlighting Adidas's wish to keep this collection in line with its roots, creating a simple, minimalist trainer which has clear ties to its predecessor. This trainer has been released in limited quantities, so if you fancy getting a pair I would advise you to get down to your nearest Adidas Originals retailer as soon as possible, before its too late.