Monday, 25 July 2011

Instra:mental/Trevino - Pyramid/Chip (3024-015)

3024 Recordings marks its 15th release with a split 12” featuring new material from incomparable duo Instra:mental and the lesser known Trevino. Martyn’s creative imprint has been invincible of late, releasing three original 12”s that suitably accompany the 3024 aesthetic Erosie has so distinctively established in conjunction with each sound. Addison Groove and Julio Bashmore offered the best of the West Country, whilst Damon Kirkham debuted his solo project under the alias Jon Convex last month.

Kirkham returns to 3024 once again, this time for a workout as Instra:mental alongside Al Green (Boddika). The duo curated the brilliant Resolution 653 LP back in April, and each has been carefully mapping their fledgling individual work over the past few months. The weight of this work is so great, and as displayed on the A-side of this release, it shows no sign of declining anytime soon.

‘Pyramid’ is a real electro stepper, relentless in the power of its analogue tools. Resounding kicks directly pave the way for subtle metallic hats, immediately forming a rigid and uncompromising rhythm. Quick fire toms intermittently feature, and Boddika’s corrosive 303 acid lines delicately warm beneath the surface, rising with every stab. The drop is forceful, a characteristic that undeniably defines this record. The driving kicks are met by hammering toms, whilst the abrasive acid synths carefully weave a succession of notes which construct a sound perfectly suited to the ruthless rhythm.

On the flip, Trevino marks his debut with ‘Chip’. Although the 12” may gain more attention due to its A-side, Trevino provides an impressive track for the split 12”. Syncopated bass kicks are interspersed with sharp claps, lending the track the swing and tuck of 2-step. However, the sound does not differ too greatly from the aforementioned ‘Pyramid’ with ‘Chip’ deftly building a surge of dark acid lines that ascend beside glistened synths.

3024 can do no wrong at present, consistently providing 12”s that are high on quality control as well as experimentation. It’s fast establishing a 3024 sound, one which is brilliantly matched by Erosie’s unique vision. Instra:mental have really delivered on this one, and Trevino aptly backs the brilliant opener.

3024-015 Instra:mental & Trevino by 3024world

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