Friday, 29 July 2011

Visionist/Lorca - W.M.I.D/Hold Back (LB002)

The recently formed Left_Blank imprint returns for its second outing in August, presenting two of the hottest prospects around at present. The promising label impressed on its debut with the ‘Nylon Sunset’ EP provided by newcomer Vessel, accompanied suitably by strong remix work from Bristol’s Peverelist. Stepping up for the follow up are Visionist and Lorca, young artists that have been growing in stature over the past few months. It’s a perfect fit for both artist and label, combining to produce a striking 12”.

Visionist (92Points, 502 Recordings, Diskotopia; his killer 'Mr 67' is now available for pre-order) opens things on the A-side in distinctive fashion. ‘W.M.I.D’ begins tentatively, with a carefully formed 808 rhythm gradually taking shape whilst downcast synth lines and vox’d sample (crying “what must I do”) craft a sound somewhat caught in the doldrums. This morose atmosphere changes almost instantaneously as the bass drop kicks in. The 808 rhythm takes dominant force, with deep kicks aligned by those inimitable cowbells, staggered claps and deft hats. Warm synth pads ascend with the increasingly prominent vocal loop, and surging subs work away beneath the surface. The rhythm is deadly efficient, and supplemented brilliantly by considered sampling.

On the flip Lorca takes full control with a track titled ‘Hold Back’. In contrast to Visionist’s opener which combines energetic 808’s with quick fire vocals, Lorca’s effort is far more relaxed, characterised by its spare rhythm and poignant chords. ‘Hold Back’ is a real stepper, built on spacious kicks which are balanced duly by supple claps and low-key hats. The open rhythms are complemented beautifully by soulful synth arrangements and a wailing vocal which tenderly rises and recedes throughout. Really strong work from Lorca on this one.

The two aforementioned tracks make up the 12” which will be released on 15/08/11. The digital release comes a week later, and will feature two additional tracks. The first is a remix of Lorca’s ‘Hold Back’ from fellow newcomer Valentin Stip. The French/Canadian producer offers a seductively warm refix, with glistened synths evoking dreamlike qualities alongside the filtered vocals and shuffling downtempo beat. Visionist and Lorca combine for the second addition, with the resulting work forming ‘Slapstickk’. The collaboration undoubtedly fits, combining frenetically shifting 808s with a shimmering synth key melody. It’s a very strong second EP from Left_Blank, one which demonstrates the talents of two fine producers.

LB002: Visonist / Lorca (Preview) - Forthcoming August 2011 by left_blank

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