Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Jason Fine - Menage At Trois (FXHE)

FXHE continues build upon its impeccable reputation, one which will only be enhanced by the latest offering from Omar-S’ Detroit-based imprint. ‘Ménage At Trois/Jack Yo Bodda’ marks producer Jason Fine’s second outing on the label, and it’s an excursion in which he revisits the distinctive sounds of 90s US house/garage. It’s a sound to which he pays homage and yet updates, producing a 12” perfect for late nights and deep downtempo dancefloors.

The title track sits on the A-side and demonstrates the upbeat half of the release. A skittered pattern initially emerges, with incisive hats and pointed snares laying essential foundations for a seductive female vocal to softly arouse. The introduction of resonant kicks gets things moving nicely, assisted no end by the initiation of charming keys. The track builds nicely, with the booming kicks and on point hats forming a shuffling rhythm, whilst the smooth keys and whispered vocal sample contrast in their sensual sound. The track reaches its pinnacle once the vocal descends and the chord arrangements develop, incorporating further notes into the buoyant melody.

‘Jack Yo Bodda’ is an altogether moodier affair, a perfect fit for FXHE. Deep kicks are separated by light hats, underscoring the diva cries of “jack yo body all night long” over a wonderfully morose chord melody. Those signature jagged skittering hats mark a turning point, signalling the arrival of clashing snares, reserved claps and a grumbling bassline only Omar-S could produce. And don’t worry, that bassline takes full control. Jacking rhythms, soul drenched keys, and diva vocals emerge again, comprised to form a brilliant house record with a helping hand from Omar-S the best.

On the flip of the record you find the words “More Bang For Your Buck!!!”. A Statement couldn’t be more fitting for the quality etched on this 12”. Once again it’s another damn impressive record from the FHXE camp.

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