Friday, 23 July 2010

Peverelist - 'Better Ways Of Living/Fighting Without Fighting'

Tom Ford's first offering since the brilliant 'Jarvik Mindstate' LP, which was released back in November 2009, had been making quite a bit of noise in some circles before its release earlier in the week. After a couple of days of listening, this hype is more than understandable. The 'Better Ways Of Living/Fighting Without Fighting' provides two of Ford's strongest tracks to date, with his jungle influenced dubstep sounds seeming to develop maturity with each release.

The two track EP which was released on Peverelist's very own Punch Drunk label, opens with 'Better Ways Of Living'. The track opens with the main structure alone, a bustling beat that is characteristic of Peverelist's work. Over the period of early build up further understated percussive elements are added, giving the track a more developed sound with a further layering of sound. The most intriguing and successful element of the track is the wonderful contrast provided by the shuffling beat against the quite awkward sounding synth organ, which completes the wonderful arrangement when introduced after the 1:25 mark. The track goes onto develop this little combination, which works to great effect, with the beat keeping feet moving whilst the synth organ adds the harmony which provides an aura of emotion to the track.
The second track of the EP, 'Fighting Without Fighting', follows a familiar suit to that of 'Better Ways Of Living', yet it is a slightly more complicated affair in terms of its rhythm and is evidently very jungle influenced in its sound. The tracks beat is extremely jittery, and rhythmically quite unusual, heralding more to the days of old school drum and bass rather than present dubstep rhythm structures. The synth organ in this track has less of a prominence in 'Fighting Without Fighting, but it is still invaluable in the tracks structure. The dark and uncomfortable synth gives the track a darker feel, a sound which wouldn't seem out of place in a Metalheadz release back in the mid-1990's, an era of music which has evidently influenced the sound which Peverelist creates. This EP is an intriguing listen, an example of an experimental producer nearing the peak of his creative powers. You can download the EP on MP3 as well as purchase it on 12" from either Boomkat, Juno or Chemical Records. Be sure to give it a listen, I have no doubts you'll be hearing the tracks in sets from the likes of Ramadanman, Ben UFO, Joy Orbison et al.

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