Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Y-3 Fall/Winter 2010 Video Preview

Here's the video preview to Y-3's fall/winter 2010 collection. Although the video doesn't actually show you what the items in this line's collection look like, I think it is subtle and effective in representing which sort of direction the brand is taking with future releases. The use of black and white attributes a slightly dark and shady atmosphere, which is only enhanced by the still shots of concrete cityscape's and desolate landscapes. I believe the aesthetic of this video implies this season's collection will be a slight departure from previous more extravagant and colourful designs, with darker and more reserved designs being created for this winter. I expect smart and simple designs from this line, whilst still retaining some of the the sportswear aesthetics that Adidas's collaborative influence provides on each and every collection Y-3 has created.

The Y-3 fall/winter 2010 lookbook has just been released, and I will be posting on these future designs and releases very shortly.

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