Sunday, 18 July 2010

Y-3 Fall/Winter 2010 Loobook

For the past few years Y-3 has been one of my favourite label's, and with the new fall-winter 2010 collection my admiration for the brand has undoubtedly been enhanced. The collaborative project between Yohji Yamamoto and Adidas has produced some wonderful lines since 2003, well known for their inventive merging of high-end fashion and sport/streetwear, with innovative designs and bright colours produced along the way. The only criticism I would ever place on the brand is that a couple of lines have maybe been slightly too similar to past collections, but this is something I cannot fault within the fall/winter 2010 collection. The line departs from the brand's classic bright colours and extravagant designs, and pursues a different vision for the most part.

As the collections preview video suggested with its still shots of dark and bleak cityscape's, this line is takes darker and more reserved style in comparison to previous collections, with smart streetwear designs created fully to suit the fall/winter months as well as less extreme colourings which reflect the colours associated with the time of year these items will be released in.

One of the highlights of this line are the quality of the jackets produced. The designs are smart, but yet causal enough for everyday wear, with original and well-fitted designs which are subtle in their branding (with the 3-stripe mark generally lacking prominence on the items). Knitwear has always been a strength of Y-3's lines, and this is something which is continued in the fall/winter collection. This is displayed particularly in the design of their sweatshirts, which are long slim-fit designs, with each featuring a specific elements (e.g. 3 green stripes on the shoulder, Y-3 logo in orange on the back of the green crewneck etc...). A new addition in this line is the notable inclusion of flannel shirts, a brilliant choice of design in my opinion. This is an item which has been prominent in many collections over the past year or so, and Y-3's inclusion of this product in the line displays its growing popularity in the world of men's fashion. I was quite tentative when considered whether or not the brand would be able to create well designed flannel shirts, but from first views it seems they have produced the shirts with great success. The shirts are created with that typical baggy, wide fit in mind, but Y-3 puts it's own stamp on the shirts with a small logo imprint on the shirt pocket as well as the well selected colour choices (green and purple checked shirt in particular stands out).

You can see the fall/winter 2010 lookbook images below. These items have not been released in stores yet, but will slowly be finding their way into specialist independent stores as well as department stores over the next couple of months. To find out more information about the collection and where exactly these good will be stocked, please visit Enjoy the collection's lookbook below.

Y-3 Fall/Winter 2010 Collection Lookbook:

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