Monday, 30 August 2010

Disclosure - 'Offline Dexterity' EP

To say I felt completely worthless and untalented after to listening to Disclosure's debut EP would be an understatement. The duo, comprising of brothers Howard and Guy Lawrence, are only aged 15 and 18 respectively, information which only further cemented the quality of this wonderful debut. Falling into the same indefinable areas as Joy Orbison and George FitzGerald, their tracks blend elements of 2-step/garage, dubstep, house as well as R&B/Soul. The result is a future garage sound which contains strong 2-step rhythms, warm rising synth lines, disembodied R&B diva vocals which contribute to content melodies as well as dreamy dub sub-bass. It's the perfect example of pastiche in UK bass music.

The EP entails two tracks, 'Offline Dexterity' and 'Street Line Chronicle'. 'Offline Dexterity' is the more obvious and explicitly dancefloor orientated track of the two. Set at dubstep's 140 bpm average, the track's 2-step rhythm sets the basis for a structure around which heavy, distorted synth lines and distant wailing diva vocals will send revelers into a frenzy (I without doubt include myself in this category). The track which really excites me though is 'Street Line Chronicle', a track I'm so impressed by I rate it as the second best track I've heard this year (I've racked up 30 listens of the track on my iPod today alone), just behind Peter O'Grady's masterpiece 'So Derobe'. 'Street Line Chronicle' is an altogether smoother track, with slightly better and well thought out production. The deep and luscious 2-step beat once again provides the structure of the track. The track slowly builds, with an ever increasing volume of deep sub-bass, beautiful harmonies created by well-arranged synth chords, as well as intricate percussive elements (best displayed at 1:20 and 3:20) and a soft, lamenting diva vocal which you can't help but connect with. The elements combine brilliantly, and converge to create a wonderful sound which is getting more exposure as the months move on. 

This sound cannot be defined, pined down by the latest term ('drumstep', one of the worst examples to be handed out recently). The sound is one of its own, but no tag can be attached, something which I only see as a positive. These kids will carry on experimenting with music, as will their predecessors Joy Orbison and George FitzGerald. There'll be no real way to define what they're doing, apart from that the sounds coming from their 7 and 12" are well and truly wonderful. 

You can check out Disclosure's myspace by visiting, where you will find a couple more of their fantastic productions. The 'Offline Dexterity' EP will be released on Moshi Moshi Singles Club on the 6th September, so please make sure you purchase it. You can listen to the incredible EP preview in the link below, please don't miss out on this essential listening. And don't worry, if the brilliance of 'Street Line Chronicle' makes you cry you're not the only one. Play it loud; alongside JO and Burial preferably.

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