Sunday, 8 August 2010

Size? x Nike Blazer - Pack 1

There aren't many things I do like: music (albeit quality music), football, clothing, trainers and winter are a few of the exceptions to the rule. What I do enjoy is when two of my favourite things collaborate, something which is evident in the next release of the Size? '10 years of obsession' collection. The design for this collection is fantastic, both Size? and Nike have come together to produce a great product, which will no doubt be in extremely high demand.

The model chosen for the collection is the Blazer, probably my favourite design of all-time. The Blazer was Nike's first basketball model when released back in 1972. With it's simple, sleek design, which is easily adaptable to numerous designs, it has firmly established its reputation over the past 38 years as a classic model in the world of the basketball trainer.

Now Size? and Nike have collaborated to create a new line of exclusive Blazer colourways which are limited to 500 pairs of each style. The first pack of Blazer's to be released come into two colourways, simple black and white colourings, with the Size? orange featured on the Nike branding, on the front outsole and the heel of the shoe in order to pay homage to the Size? '10 years of obsession' collection. Also featured on the trainer is the nice addition of the Size? question mark on the heel of the trainer, which combines nicely with the orange to represent the ties to Size?.

The white blazer design features a leather upper, whilst the black colourway of the shoe adopts a suede upper, which in my opinion is a good stylistic and practical design choice. This first pack is beautiful, and it makes you wonder how on earth Size? and Nike are going to able to top these designs with their next pack. However, I think they may just be able to do that if their next design is what I believe it to be. If you look at the photo above, in the background and out of focus is a pair of Size? orange canvas blazer's. If these are what we've got to look forward to in the 2nd pack, then both packs provided are of the highest quality, perfect for trainer lovers and the collectors out there.

The first pack is to be released on Saturday 21st August, with a limited 500 pairs of each design released. To get a pair I have a feeling you're going to have to make it to your nearest Size? as soon as possible after the date of release, otherwise you face a fight on the Size? website ( where 100 pairs will be available on the 23rd August. I will give an update when the 2nd pack of the Size? x Nike Blazer collaboration will be released.

Size? x Nike Blazer - Pack 1:

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