Sunday, 1 August 2010

Joy Orbison - Untitled Edit

Apologies for the lack of posts over the past week or so, I haven't had internet access so I've been unable to write anything since Monday. Just before I lost internet access for the week I was delighted to find that man of the year Peter O'Grady had posted a clip of new material on his myspace page. The last track Orbison titled as untitled turned out eventually as 'So Derobe' (although for a short and confusing time was termed 'She Dressed In Her Best'?), and if the new material turns out to be anywhere near the standard of my favourite track of the year as of yet JO fanatics should be in for a real treat.

It was after I arrived home around 1am after seeing Orbison at Lovebox that I discovered this new material, which resultingly led me to stay up until 3, just so I could get a good couple of hours listening to the track on repeat. The first 10 listens worried me a little, I wasn't too convinced that this 1:54 clip of what is named 'Untitled_Edit' would be able to get close to matching the magic and pure beauty of 'So Derobe's' construction. However, after I would say approximately 40-50 listens, I was hypnotised and in love with the track. I find it extremely difficult to explain what it is I love so much about Orbison's tracks, but there is definitely something in them, an element which really connects and literally forces me into deep admiration for such wonderful creation.

As 'So Derobe' took a more minimalist and subtle style than the breakthrough game changing 'Hyph Mngo', this 'Untitled_Edit' further takes the route of a more reserved and intricate style, a sign which I believe shows that O'Grady's production styles and skills are maturing with every release. In signature Orbison style, the track slowly builds with added layers of deeper beats and percussion accompanying the wonderful soulful sampled vocals as the track progresses. The nice claptrap beat and vocals provide the structure, with the added elements of different sound effects, percussion, and particularly the use of poignant and unique synths all contributing to the luscious sound of the track. Give it a listen, I have a feeling it's gonna rival the quality of 'So Derobe', and I hope to be seeing its release on the Doldrums label over the next couple of months.

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