Friday, 27 August 2010

LV feat. Okmalumkoolkat - 'Boomslang' (HDB041)

"BoomslangBoomslangBoomslangBoomslangBoomslangBoomslangBoomslangSnake". This will undoubtedly be the only thought in your mind once you've given LV's new number a run through.

The time of the year for the release of the freshest and most exciting tracks from the dubstep/garage/house/techno genres is upon us, and to kick us straight into gear the preview of LV's new track, 'Boomslang', has been unveiled in a new video, and my word this track is huge. The track has been bubbling for a while, with dubplates exclusively handed to the most promising DJ's out there; Peter O'Grady (aka Joy Orbison) dropping this track way back in June alongside Ramadanman's juke influenced 'Work Them' at Stealth's Wigflex night.

'Boomslang' is LV's first release since his experimental release ('38' EP) on Keysound recordings in May is a dancefloor killer, featuring the vocal talents of South African MC, Okmalumkoolkat. The track, which was conceived whilst LV was in South Africa, is his very own interpretation of the Kwaito house sound currently thriving in South Africa, something which quickly becomes evident in the funky 4x4 house beat and the outlandish synths which animate this layout further into life. The most noticeable element of the track though is Kool Kat's repetition of the word 'Boomslang', which seems to be repeated about 500 times or so. This track is not alone in the repetition of single words or phrases though, with Addison Groove's 'Footcrab' and Ramadanman's 'Work Them'. Although the two mentioned were clearly influenced by the Chicago Juke movement in their use of the repetition, it is a feature being experimented with more often, a feature which you'll no doubt love or hate (I have a feeling some will find Kool Kat's vocal incredibly annoying). I think it's a very effective characteristic though, especially with tracks made just for the dancefloor, with the repetition set against a funky 4x4 beat almost hypnotising you into a groove.

The track is quite a welcome change for Hyperdub, balancing out the more thoughtful and experimental releases with a single that looks set to terrorize clubs into a frenzy over the coming months. 'Boomslang' will be backed with 'Zhang', and the EP will be released on the 11th October. Check out the brilliant video below (directed by Mello Moropa) for a preview of the track, to say this is essential listening would be an understatement (If Kool Kat isn't the coolest man ion the planet then something is wrong, the hi-top and glasses are out of this world).

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