Thursday, 12 May 2011

4th Measure Men / Omar S - 'Given(MK Dub) / Sarah' (FXHE001)

FXHE brings the heat once again with cuts from 4th Measure Men and Omar S The Best. FXHE have consistently provided quality control in the form of Detroit house 12"s for a number of years, showing no signs of holding up anytime soon. From label head Omar S to Marcellus Pittman and Kyle Hall, each release offers the best to come from Detroit. The imprints latest release sees an MK Dub of 4th Measure Men's 'Given' from 1993, whilst on the flip Omar S works his magic once again with a track titled 'Sarah'.

The A-side revisits 90s house sounds, building up a real groove in the process. A steady house rhythm is patiently constructed, with snares filling the gaps between the deep kicks. Claps and ever present snares interplay alongside the infectious diva cries of 'Given'. These elements are soon encapsulated in the strong 4x4 rhythm, with a lofty chord melody arising, acting as the track's hook when combined with the soulful vocal sample.

'Sarah' sits on the B-side, and it demonstrates Omar S in full control. A rigid house rhythm is firmly established, with pulsating kicks initiating the precise 808 arrangements which progress fluidly throughout. Trailing synths leave a mark, soon to be displaced by signature keyboard tones that animate the foreground for long periods, evoking a smooth melody that perfectly complements the rough and ready rhythm. Cowbells alarm intermittently, whilst crashing toms and hi-hats work their way in and out of proceedings beneath those wonderful keyboard stabs. Omar S on fine form as per.

Available now on 12". Essential FHXE print.

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