Friday, 20 May 2011

Blawan - 'Getting Me Down' (DOWN001)

Blawan's 'Getting Me Down' has been doing the rounds for a good few months now, ever present in the sets of Ben UFO, Pearson Sound, Joy Orbison et al. There's good reason too. It may just be Jamie Roberts' best work to date, although in all honesty both his debut on Hessle and his latest EP on the legendary R&S were outstanding, not to mention the sublime 'Potchla Vee' recently featuring on Hessle Audio's '116 & Rising' compilation, a track which gives this 12" competition in terms of quality. The vocal sample taken from Brandy's 1994 track 'I Wanna Be Down' both helps and hinders the track. A sample Roberts manipulates wonderfully, fitting perfectly alongside the pulsating rhythm, yet the element preventing the track from full release. Thankfully this one has seen a white label release, limited copies so act fast.

The track begins with a relatively understated introduction, with crisp hi-hats frequenting, whilst the vocal sample wails 'Down' repeatedly and acid synths slowly wear down the tone. The drop is something else. From here on in the beautiful Brandy sample takes over, structured through a typically up front and kinetic percussive arrangement from Blawan, a signature we have seen him produce on both 'Iddy/Fram' and the 'Bohla' EP. The uncompromising beat constantly kicks away, soon given real intention by the corrosive synths, which give the previously blissful vocals a darker edge. Blawan's been on fine form recently, and this 12" indicates that his continuing strides will not be stopped.

Huge 12". Don't sleep on this one.

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