Monday, 23 May 2011

92 Points - Visionist 'Mr.67' (PNTS001)

A new imprint is born. 92 Points is a label established by the Brixton-based We Are Dubist collective, conceptualised with the intention of joining "the dots between the rapturous heights of 1992 golden-era jungle, turn of the century champagne-bubbly garage, and the modern day mongrel forms that have been shutting down dances of late." Strong artwork and uncompromising experimental bass music is almost assured, undoubtedly so if the label's forthcoming first release is anything to go by.

The imprint will debut with Visionist's indelible 'Mr.67', a track much desired over the past few months after Oneman dropped the future anthem at Boiler Room #45. The hype surrounding the track has been heightened by extensive air time from the likes of Blackdown and Dark Sky, hype which the track promises to justify. Aligned with pounding 808 kicks 'Mr.67' is a driving force, with anxious cowbells and crashing toms working in conjunction with restless synth lines to evoke darker tones, completed by the instantly recognisable "It's the six-seven" vox'd vocal. It's an absolute killer, so make sure you keep your eyes peeled for the 12".

Visionist will also have releases coming on 502 Recordings, Left_Blank and Diskotopia following his debut on the newly formed 92 Points. To mark PNTS001, Visionist is offering 'A.E.O.M.' for free download from the 92 Points tumblr page. 'A.E.O.M.' is one of Visionist's strongest production's, a track combines strong rhythms with introspective breakdowns. The first half of the track is dominated by a powerful rhythm, filled with deep kicks, crisp cowbells and a repetitive vocal clip. However, as the track progresses, it takes a different turn, leaning towards a breakdown that moves things in a different direction. From beneath the sound 808 arrangements rises a soft female vocal, accompanied by sharp chord stabs that work an uplifting melody. 92 Points and Visionist in full control. It's the six-seven.

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