Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Jon Convex - 'Convexations' EP (3024-014)

2010 saw the emergence of Alex Green‘s (one half of Instra:mental) solo project Boddika, a trend which has continued with great success into 2011. Now the time has come for Instra:mental’s other half, Damon Kirkham, to launch his very own solo work under the alias Jon Convex. His debut EP has been signed by Martyn’s 3024 Recordings, a label which has grown in stature over the past few months, with strong releases from Julio Bashmore and Addison Groove firmly asserting the label’s glowing reputation. It’s quite a coup, and signals the second meeting of Damon Kirkham and 3024 after the former provided the backing vocals for Martyn’s ‘Natural Selection’ on 3024-002. Kirkham’s debut on 3024 induces a sound which differs from Instra:mental’s past work, whilst it shares the raw and distinctive analogue programming in terms of production style. Kirkham describes the Convex sound as “EPM (Electronic Party Music)”, a seemingly apt description in regards to the ‘Convexations’ EP.

The release opens with ‘Convexations’ and immediately establishes Kirkham’s intentions. A strong rhythm is built from the off, incorporating low slung kicks and firm pads, whilst trailing synths stream along in the distance. The track is forced into full effect by Yamaha acid tones, with subtle tom hits contributing further to the tracks impending momentum. The shuddering bassline is relentless, and the vox'd vocal sample provides a fitting supplement to the arching synths.

The B-side takes things in a very different direction with 'Falling Again'. A razor sharp 2-step rhythm kicks things off, soon to be ordered by the inserted heavy kicks. Vocal snippets recall the chopping and cutting of Todd Edwards, lending the track further garage traits, whilst faint keyboard stabs generate a metallic melody in the background. The track also explores more grounded territory during the break. The 2-step rhythm continues to roll, however things are rather mellow here. The vocal snippets are irregular and more reserved, whilst the melodic stabs are replaced by pensive synth lines It's a lovely effort, possibly the strongest of the three.

The final track is exclusively available on the digital release and will not feature on the 12" sadly. The quality on this one most certainly isn't lacking though. ‘Order into Chaos’ is the “first Jon Convex track the 3024 imprint heard and is responsible for their dogged pursuit of his signature”, admiration the track more than deserves. It’s the track which aligns most with the work of Instra:mental and Boddika, yet entertaining shrewd alterations. Rigid rhythms are encapsulated by corrosive acid synths that bubble and simmer throughout, with underlying TR1000 kicks driving the action for the track’s duration. It wears you down into working up a groove, deadly efficient.

Strong work once again from 3024, with fantastic artwork as per usual provided by inimitable Erosie. Convex delivers a beauty with his first effort, a sign of things to come. Out on 12" and digital on 13/06/11. Purchase.

3024-014 Jon Convex - Convexations EP by 3024world

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