Sunday, 7 August 2011

Chicago Damn - Let's Submerge (CHICAGODAMN001)

Anonymous producer Chicago Damn presents the Let’s Submerge EP on his newly formed imprint. The release follows his fine debut on Mark E’s MERC label, as well as his excellent contribution to Wolf EP 8 with ‘If I could’. Let’s Submerge is no slouch either, and displays the array of talents the artist in question has to offer. In terms of sound, its house music with soul and feeling, a pastiche to deep Detroit styles whilst retaining an original and sole edge to each record.

The title track opens up on the A-side. A firm 4/4 beat sets the tone almost instantly, laying the strict format upon which dark arching synth lines unfold. Tight hats align as the inimitable synths continue to tease, soon pressed into motion by irregular claps and an underlying bassline that will do the damage on dancefloors at peak time (in a similar fashion to Levon Vincent’s flawless ‘Man Or Mistress’). It’s an epic tense and patient builder that carefully crafts an indelible synth hook, one which leads the track throughout its 7/8 minute duration.

On the flip sits the slightly faster ‘I Cry’. As well as being quicker in tempo the track’s air and mood is of noticeable contrast, with the B-side carrying a far more pensive tone. A solid rhythm immediately hits, with 4/4 kicks matched on every second hit by crisp claps and completed by a flurry of gentle rim shots. The track swiftly develops into its full stride, marked no end by the beautiful melodies induced by undeniably effective key arrangements. The chords shimmer, coated by lofty synths that only help to evoke the soft yet contemplative sound. The ambiguity is wonderful, an element which really characterises the track. Deep subs add further complexity, enhanced by the repetitive and unequal whispers of ‘I’ from an indecipherable female. ‘I Cry’ is a brilliant effort. One listen and those melodies will forever play on your mind.

It’s an excellent house record, a 12” that will continue to be played for months and months to come. The A-side is upfront and enduring, whilst the serene ‘I Cry’ steals the show with the beauty it generates from its warm analogue construction. Killer 12” of late night house from the gifted upcoming producer.

Chicago Damn 001 - "Let's Submerge // I Cry // Let's Submerge (Max Essa Remix)" by Chicago Damn

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