Friday, 12 November 2010

George FitzGerald - 'Heart On Sleeves'

New George FizGerald (Hotflush) material is something not to be missed. A clip of 2 mins 30 secs of a track titled 'Heart On Sleeves' has just been uploaded onto his soundcloud page, and as once again early indications are high quality control from the young producer. The track has a stronger house influence rather than the usual 2-step/UK garage approach that FitzGerald usually adopts, although their influences can still be heard in the track. A 4/4 beat comes to fruition in the opening stages, accompanied by intricate percussive arrangements as well as polyrhythmic synth chords which help to provide a smooth emotional sound in contrast to the structured beat, which comes to dominate the track after the interlude of soulful male vocals after 1 min 15 secs. Chords and vocals slowly re-integrate alongside the bass heavy beat, ensuring this as an emotional track made with the dancefloor in mind, a style which seems to be a marker of FitzGerald's production work ('Don't You', Weakness', 'The Let Down'). Listen to the track in the bar place below.

FitzGerald also recently put together a 50 min mix for URB, and my word it's good. Any mix which begins with 'Crazy' by Seven Wonders gains instant respect from myself, but from here on in FitzGerald carefully selects a wonderful variety of excellent tracks, which are beautifully mixed. Unreleased material from FitzGerald animates a fair part of the mix, something which can only entice you to listen, especially in the case of his wonderful refix of Groove Theory's 'Tell Me', without a shadow of a doubt one of my favourite remix's of 2010. You can download the mix now by clicking here, the tracklist is as follows:

George FitzGerald URB Mix - Tracklist:
1. Seven Wonders – Crazy (DJ’s for Life)
2. George FitzGerald – Friends In High Places (CDR)
3. WAX – 30003 B (WAX)
4. Will Saul & Mike Monday – Sequence (Scuba Remix) (forthcoming AUS)
5. KMA – Cape Fear (Groove Chronicles)
6. George FitzGerald – Fernweh (CDR)
7. Surgeon – Floorshow (Counterbalance)
8. George FitzGerald – Don’t You (forthcoming Hotflush)
9. Scuba – Three Sided Shape (forthcoming Hotflush)
10. xxxy – This Much (CDR)
11. Pariah – The Slump (R&S)
12. Groove Theory – Tell Me (George FitzGerald Remix) (CDR)

Hearts On Sleeves by George FitzGerald

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