Wednesday, 24 November 2010

FACT - XOYO (03.12.10): J.O. B2B Ramadanman/Pearson Sound

Seeing as my previous couple of posts have been in part eulogies to the brilliance of the releases from each of these artists, I thought it would be perfect timing to inform you of a world exclusive 2 hour back to back set between the two virtuoso producers/DJ's. J.O.'s 'BB/Ladywell' brings a new interpretation of Detroit, applying his wonderful trademark sounds to the deep house format, whilst Pearson Sound's 'Blanked/Blue Eyes' encapsulates all that has been successful in his long list of 2010 releases.

A stroke of genius from FACT magazine has brought J.O. and Ramadanman together for what will an outstanding night of music. The FACT night will take place on Friday 3rd December at the Shoreditch Club XOYO (32-37 Cowper St, London, EC2A), doors from 9pm-3am. Tickets are £8 students/advance, £1o on the door. In addition to the headline set from J.O. and Ramadanman, there will be appearances from Fantastic Mr Fox (expect Jamie XX dubplates), LHF (Keysound), Jam City, Dark Sky as well as the FACT DJ's. Brilliant support. Not quite J.O. and Ramadanman, but the promise of Fantastic Mr Fox and the elusive Jam City (his 'Refixes' EP released on white label earlier in the year is one of the top 12" from 2010 in my opinion) should also entice.

The headline set will persuade most alone. This may be one of the only times you'll ever have the opportunity to see the artists of 2010 play back to back, something which can't be avoided. J.O. may even drop the wonderful 'kissmequik' if we're very lucky, and if he does the £10 door fee will be instantly defined a bargain. Peter O'Grady meets David Kennedy. Yes please. Here are 3 reasons to be at XOYO on 03.12.10.

Room 1:

Joy Orbison b2b Ramadanman/Pearson Sound (2hrs)

Fantastic Mr Fox

LHF (Keysound)


Room 2:

Jam City

Dark Sky


J Saintil


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