Monday, 1 November 2010

DJ Dom - 'The Mind Of DJ Dom' (PTN006)

PTN's latest offering is one of their deepest yet, furthering the boundaries of UK funky/house with which their 5 previous releases have been experimenting with very successfully. Huge releases, coming from Doc Daneeka, Hypno, Breach & Hackman, as well as the wonderful artwork design and vinyl print of the 12" have confirmed Ramp's ever growing sub-label as one of the most promising around within the realm of dubstep/funky/garage. The label's 6th releases sees the first effort from the highly rated DJ Dom, a young producer who was friends at university with Blunted Robot boys Brackles and Shortstuff. It's a brilliantly accomplished first effort from the young man, taking a more refined and subtle approach to the UK Funky sound. Finding a balance somewhere between funky and deep house, the EP is smooth, and will have garage/funky heads nodding away all night long.

The highlight track for me is undoubtedly 'Computer Love'. Personally, the two things I look for immediately in dance/UK bass music are repetition and emotion. 'Computer Love' more than delivers in both areas. Established with a driving 4/4 house beat, the track contains the slow progression of patience of deep house, whilst retaining the stepping beat and shoulder shudder which UK funky brings to underground nights. Delicate hi hats, minimal bell chimes and handclaps work their way into the percussive arrangement of the track, providing the smooth intricate side of things in contrast to the structured effervescent beat. Beautiful swarming synth chords that can't help but warm the heart bring an element of emotion, especially when placed in conjunction with the soft and tranquil diva vocal clips, which are repeated constantly throughout the tracks 5:38 duration. 'Boss Mode', 'Plastic People' and 'Untitled' are also strong efforts, although 'Computer Love's' brilliance steals the show for me. File next to Cosmin TRG, Hypno and Julio Bashmore.

Preview/purchase the EP by clicking here. Enjoy.

DJ Dom - Computer Love by RAMP Recordings / PTN

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