Friday, 12 November 2010

HomePark - 'Made Me Happy'

I'd planned to write quite a bit on this excellent duo, however due to an essay which I am yet to start (which probably won't go anywhere in all honesty) I can only recommend listening to one of my favourite of their tracks, although I will cover them in greater detail in the coming days and weeks. Rob Glassett & Sam Fussell make their own brand of deep house under the alias HomePark, creating a unique sound which still manages to bear a resemblance and shows influence from Detroit masters such as Kenny Dixon Jr. (aka Moodymann) and Theo Parrish, as well as more recent producers such as Ethyl & Flori, BLM, Kyle Hall and Iron Curtis. The balance between their own sound and inspirations are just right, pushing things forward without loosing touch with the music's past roots.

'Made Me Happy' is a brilliant example of what the boys are capable of when it comes down to production. It's a deep cut, one which patiently builds, and in doing so satisfies so wonderfully well. The first two minutes of the track establish a driving 4/4 beat, which gradually incorporates hi-hats, short chord arrangements as well as short clips of clapping towards the end of each beat. Once the track reaches the two minute mark, we're taken in a very different, but undoubtedly beautiful direction, a transition marked by a swarming synth. The only reminder of the first two minutes is the stripped down beat, which is now overshadowed by heart-tugging female vocals and a synth organ which provides the perfect foil to the polished vocal and beat arrangements. These elements go on to dominate the track for it's remainder, completing this wonderful track. Patient, smooth, effortless, deep. This is what HomePark produce. What more would you want? Listen to 'Made Me Happy' in the bar below, and also be sure to visit their Soundcloud and Myspace pages.

Made me happy by HomePark

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