Thursday, 11 November 2010

Kassem Mosse/Doldrums/Trilogy Tapes - Mixtape 20.11.10

No more needs to be done to persuade me to attend the 2nd Doldrums night. The promise of Marcellus Pittman, J.O, Braiden, Nookie & Krystal Klear, plus the limited availability on the night of new Braiden and J.O. 12" records had done more than enough to guarantee that myself and numerous others would attend what will undoubtedly be a fantastic night. So the addition of an exclusive mixtape for the night tops things off in all honesty, and what a mixtape this could be. Kassem Mosse, the deep techno/house producer (who displays shades of Detroit house as much as he does Berlin techno) who appeared at the first Doldrums night, has created an exclusive mixtape with artwork from Trilogy Tapes for Doldrums.

The mixtape will be released in limited numbers on the night, they won't be available for long, trust me. We can expect a beautiful blend of deep techno and house cuts in the mix, with potentially unreleased material from Mosse featuring. If you are unaware of Kassem Mosse's brilliant work, I'd recommend an introduction starting with 'A1' of his 'Workshop 03' EP, it's a fantastic example of the potential this artist has. Trilogy Tapes has also contributed the artwork for the 2nd Doldrums release, Braiden's 'The Alps'. Also available on the 2nd Doldrums night, along with the next J.O. 12". Words can't begin to explain my excitement for the latter record. All this is simply unmissable. 20.11.10. Plan B. Doldrums. Don't miss it.

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