Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Addison Groove - Unknown

2011 has quite simply been a faultless year for Anthony Williams under his Addison Groove pseudonym. Three releases of real quality have surfaced in the space of a couple of months, providing material for a wide range of DJs whilst amassing superlatives from numerous music journalists and peers alike. From Swamp81 to Tectonic to 3024, Addison has always delivered excellence, perhaps the pinnacle of which is the sublime ‘Sexual’, a track that combines frenetic 808 rhythms with a sensual chord melody and hypnotic vocal sample. Addison’s sounds has continued to develop, becoming more refined whilst managing to explore further mutations, a progression ‘Make Um Bounce’ indicated on the Tectonic release.

The likelihood of Addison releases in the near future is unlikely after his prolific opening to the year. However, dubs seem to be surfacing, and will undoubtedly generate the same interest and excitement that predecessors ‘Sexual’ and ‘It’s Got Me’ sparked. The latest Addison track appeared at the end of the recent audio/visual collaboration between visual artist Pomp&Clout and Numbers head Jackmaster. The audio/visual mixtape itself is quite something, blending eclectic videos with outstanding mixing track selections from Jack Revill. Nonetheless, the highlight comes in the form of a new Addison Groove track that kicks in from 8:30 onwards.

This new track signals further experimentation, with Williams seemingly exploring sounds more indebted to house and techno, whilst retaining raw 808 patterns and quick fire vocal samples. A rolling 4x4 rhythm slowly transpires, with hi hats subtly filling the gaps in between. The 808 pattern gradually develops, patiently initiating bass heavy kicks and razor sharp toms. Delightful synth arrangements create a melody that harks back to Drexciya, forever keeping the cutting acid synths at bay. And the vocal sample completes the track, with the indelible female vocal reiterating “we like to fuck, yo ass up”. It may just be Addison's best work alongside 'Sexual'.

If that wasn't enough, Addison's remix of Martha and the Vandellas 1967 soul track 'Jimmy Mack' is quite simply something else. Williams' production under the Addison moniker is growing in strength if these tracks are a sign of things to come.

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