Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Marcellus Pittman - Nyrobi Knight

Rough and ready Detroit house from none other than Marcellus. His first EP on Omar S' FXHE imprint is one I've been lucky enough to track down on 12" after its original release back in June 2005. Member of The Three Chairs, Marcellus is unquestionably one of the finest house producer’s around, and his impeccable record of astounding releases is testament to such an assertion. I was first introduced to his work with the Unirhythm Green #1 release, a 12” which instantly initiated my adoration for his production. Raw, stripped programmed beats against soulful melodic progressions. His most recent efforts have delivered just as devastating results, with The Eastside Story EP and ‘On A Beautiful/By Your Side’ providing two of 2011’s strongest records. All this is established before giving the slightest mentioning the magnificent Midwest Advocates EP, a 12” which has the small matter of ‘Chicago Nights’ on its A-side.

His first self titled EP for FXHE is no less impressive, and in particular one track really displays the quality Marcellus has to offer. ‘Nyrobi Knight’ may just be my favourite Pittman track, and that is an achievement that really takes some doing. A meticulously programmed beat hammers with padded kicks, complete with persistent hats matching each hit. The track takes off once the rich one note chord works a progressive captivating melody (work that recalls the sounds of Theo Parrish), one which defines the track and leads the way for the introduction of afro-rhythmic percussion in sporadic intervals. It’s a beautifully raw and soulful track, one which displays his innate quality to produce house music that works the soul, body and mind. First class material.

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