Thursday, 30 June 2011

Teeth - Shawty & CNT/Lowcut Champagne

Matti Pentikäinen is very much on top form at the minute. The Finnish producer who operates under the moniker Teeth is responsible for a couple of the strongest releases to see the light of day in May and June. His debut came last month on Oneman’s 502 Recordings, a release which has firmly placed Teeth on the map. The eminent ‘Shawty’ was a real statement from the Finn, presenting an inimitable sound that cannot be defined through placement in an umbrella genre grouping. His second 12” was released at the beginning of the month, with CNT/Lowcut Champagne forming his follow up to ‘Shawty’ on Noppa Records. Two tracks of real quality were on display once again, sharing similar characteristics which helped to endear his debut. The sounds are introspective and brooding, yet simultaneously retaining features which endow the tracks with dancefloor compatibility, a quality Addison Groove has mastered on his latest releases. However, there is undoubtedly something special about Teeth’s early sounds.

Oneman copped an absolute killer in ‘Shawty’, and the risk taken on signing the track has justifiably paid off. After first listening, you realise there’s something definitive about the track. Its sensuality absorbs you, whilst shifting percussion underlies a sense of difficulty and anxiousness. The seductive vocal sample (Beyonce’s whisper of “shawty what your name is”) and stunning synthlines bring the heat, supported by deep pads and frenetic hats which lie beneath throughout. The tough garage rhythm that occupies in stages and surging sub bass bestows the track club suitability, albeit an uncomfortable one. The track sits at 147 bpm, a fair distance from the plentiful 128-130 somethings that have risen to prominence over the past 12 months. It’s an unusual tempo, one which lends to the track’s brilliance. A bold move on paper, it undoubtedly facilitates success. Backed by a powerful Falty DL remix, one which gives the original a run for its money, and a genius VHS inspired video, the overall package is excellent.

‘CNT’ makes an immediate impact through its razor sharp percussion, vibing off jukes kicks whilst hard drum hits weave a syncopated rhythm alongside the uncertain snares. A quick fire vocal sample intermittently pierces, gaining more prominence as the track progresses, sitting wonderfully atop the supple kicks. It’s the breakdown that marks the significant element here though, with the mood changing in an instant. Warm, hazy synthlines ascend and take dominance, juxtaposing the harsher sounds of the sharp beats. On the flip, ‘Lowcut Champagne’ is the more appealing of the two, pensive and melancholic in tone. The percussion is buoyant, recalling the intricacies of Joe. A heavy off-beat garage rhythm takes centre stage in phases, reminding us of the strength of Teeth’s percussive arrangements. However, the vocal clips and synths are utilised once again to produce an ominous atmosphere. A yearning diva cries “feel it”, softening the blow of every drum hit. The break allows beautifully morose synthlines to construct a melody of wonderful proportions, providing the track’s finest moment.

Two excellent releases from Teeth, with the promise of more quality forthcoming on Ramp, 502 and Noppa.

502:003 Teeth - Shawty/Shawty [FaltyDL Remix] by 502 Records

Teeth 'CNT' / 'Lowcut Champagne' NOPPA008 by stholdings

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