Friday, 24 June 2011

Kyle Hall - Down!

Kyle Hall takes it deep down for the latest 12” release on his Wild Oats imprint. The young producer heralding from Detroit has made some of the most affecting house music of the past couple of years, and his sound shows sign of development and maturity over this period. From his remarkable debut on Omar S’s FXHE to soulful control of the “Sun Goddess” EP, his work exudes quality. “Down!” demonstrates no sign of letting up on the quality control, with the infectious A-side constituting one of Hall’s finest productions to date.

“Get Down” builds with a solid 4/4 rhythm kicking away at 126bpm, each hit accompanied by the spacious clash of a snare. A deadly effective chord melody is the main drive behind the track, complemented beautifully by the recurring female cries of “let’s get down”. These elements continually filter in and out, recalling the disco-edits of Moodymann. On the flip, “Xero” is constructed with percussion as its very heart. Hall adopts Latin styled percussion here, composing a rigid hypnotic beat which is drenched in soulful keys characteristic of Detroit house. Hand stamped 12” on a limited pressing. Fine effort from KMFH.

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  1. Still enjoying this blog; on point as always. Keep up the good work.