Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Endian - Two Chords Deep (EMINDS020)

Electric Minds have delivered a fine 12” with a debut from a new producer operating under the alias Endian. Two cuts of deep house/techno occupy each side, downtempo and emotive efforts that bring with them a distinctive sound, one which presents the talent this previously unfamiliar artist possesses. It’s an extremely impressive debut, a release which marks by refined and considered tracks. After initial listening it becomes apparent as to why NonPlus+ have signed Endian to a release in the coming months (one of which one of the tracks can be heard in Paul Woolford’s recent FACT mix).

‘Two Chords Deep’ is patient and progressive on the A-side. A supple 4x4 beat is set out from the off, reserving the static synth for the backdrop. Hats soon collide between every deep kick, and the efficient two note chord arrangement begins its enduring journey. The addition of claps on every second beat completes the sum, giving the track its full lease of life. The two chords persistently work their way into your memory, effectively working up a groove in union with the driving rhythm.

‘Doze’ on the flip is a much more downtempo affair, with closer ties to deep house. Once again it’s a track which retains the patience of house, tentatively building over the near 7 minute duration. A consistent beat pattern is immediately established, low slung and polished with rounded kick drums. However, it’s the warm gazing chords that really strike, sitting beautifully above the more structured rhythms. The introduction of claps adds a further dimension, as do the latter supplements of crisp hats and the timid snare hits. Throughout all of this percussive development, the soft chords remain constant, ensuring the serene atmosphere engrained in this measured track.

This is a really strong debut release from Endian, confident and assured. Next up for the producer is a 12” on the accomplished NonPlus+ imprint, a release which will undoubtedly, and deservedly, introduce Endian to a wider audience.

EMINDS020 - Endian "Two Chords Deep" by electricminds

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