Friday, 26 August 2011

Blawan - What You Do With What You Have (Forthcoming RS1108)

Of the plethora of young producing talents currently operating, none excite as much Blawan. 2011 has been a vital year for the man whose debut on Hessle Audio back in May of 2010 instantly turned heads. Fast forward a year and Blawan is seemingly established and much in demand, with a less than prolific but no less crucial catalogue of work. His work is dark and unrelenting, characteristics which have become all the more apparent in his recent exploration of acid and techno. Intricate drum patterning is forever at the heart, forceful and coarse with unremitting power.

The producer’s forthcoming 12” on R&S is sounding like his most refined work to date, an indication that he’s really found his ground. The title track, ‘What You Do With What You Have’, promises to be a modern classic, a dark and rough affair that will have floors shaking. The pounding rhythm is persistent, whilst menacing synth stabs pierce on the surface. Complete with an ingenious vocal sample, lifted from Moodymann’s RBMA lecture and pitched up to sound as ominous as the aforementioned stabs. On the flip will sit a track entitled ‘Vibe Decorium’. I’m yet to hear what the B-side has to offer, but I expect a further practice in uncompromising acid-tinged techno. A full review will be made after the 12”s release on the 26th September.

It’s what you do with what you have, you understand?

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