Friday, 12 August 2011

Scion A/V Presents: Omar-S - High School Graffiti EP

It’s safe to say that this week has been an improvement on most others for followers of Omar-S. On Monday we were treated to his new and free EP High School Graffiti curated in conjunction with the Scion A/V imprint, which was soon to be followed by news of Alexander “Omar” Smith’s forthcoming album It Can Be Done, But Only I Can Do It.

The union of Toyota’s Scion A/V project and Omar-S is especially fitting given the producer’s roots in the Motor City, a trait which has left a longstanding mark on his production work. His back catalogue work is extensive, and in many ways can be seen as a metaphor for the 313 itself. His work is characteristically rough and raw on the edges, constructing rigid and uncompromising rhythms, whilst yet retaining real beauty and soul at its very analogue heart, often evoked through expressive chords and poignant vocals.

High School Graffiti is just as inimitable as his previous work, delivering intricate beats which are drenched in 303 acid line excursions and well as those introspective key melodies that are so damn effective. The highlight perhaps comes from the collaboration with Theo Parrish, Who's In Key, which generates a wonderful keys motif against a backdrop of tough kicks and Omar’s nippy and slight hats. You can download the EP by clicking here; it's quality material.

The legendary Detroit house producer will also be unveiling his follow up to the 2005 album Just Ask The Lonely with It Can Be Done, But Only I Can Do It. It will be release via Smith’s very own FXHE label which is by consensus one of the strongest house labels operating at the minute. You can preview clips of each track and pre-order now over at Phonica.

High School Graffiti EP:
1. Got The Drop On Dem
2. Gunup Runup
3. My Naffew Randy
4. Unitarian
5. Who's In Key feat. Theo Parrish

It Can Be Done, But Only I Can Do It:
1. Solely Supported
2. Supported Solely
3. Look Hear Watch
4. I Come Over
5. Ganymeade
6. You Wish
7. Over You Too
8. It Can Be Done, But Only I Can Do It
9. Nite’s Over Compton
10. Here’s Your Trance, Now Dance
11. Skynet 2 B
12. Bobien Larkin

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