Sunday, 14 August 2011

Recondite - Plangent #002

Berlin-based producer Recondite impressed with his opening release in the aptly named Plangent imprint back in February. It was an affecting record, displaying a menacing brand of techno filled with melancholy and dejection. However, this isn’t to say the record wasn’t designed to be heard on dancefloors. In fact, quite the opposite was intended as it appears. The effectual use of drum machines allowed for precise and deep rhythms that provided tracks with an extra groove, endowing the tracks with undeniable dancefloor potential. As suitable to home listening as it is to dark clubs. The follow up to Plangent #001 has arrived, bestowing a similarly despondent and pensive tone in what is an arguably more refined release.

The A-side holds the far more joyful and upbeat ‘Haptic’, the sound of which is rare in the production work of Recondite. Deep kicks set the marker, soon united with off-kilter toms and astute hats. The filtered synth lines are warm and lofty and neatly align with burly rhythm, leaving the rolling subs to do real damage. It’s a competent track, not outstanding, at least not in comparison the truly brilliant B-side this 12” has to offer.

‘Backbone’ opens proceedings on the flip. An unbending 4/4 beat is immediately established, with a storming bassline filling empty gaps. Incisive snares and pointed hats add a sense of uncertainty in their somewhat timid appearance, especially due to their juxtaposition with the driving kicks and bass. Delicate and downhearted synth chords superbly convey bleak emotions, offset by a raw and insistent drum patterns. The best is left to last on this record, with ‘Yield’ constituting Recondite’s finest work to date. From the off, we are presented with the early base upon which the track measurably progresses. The kicks this time around are less intimidating, with lasting snares and cushioned claps granting a smooth groove. This is suitably in line with the tender, yearning chord melodies which develop and advance with aching beauty. The bassline beats away, simmering just on the surface whist the chords overwhelm.

Plangent #002 details more evidence of the talents Recondite holds within his armoury. The first two tracks are sound efforts, but it is ‘Yield’ that really stands out as the records outstanding track. It isn’t as complete as #001, but the quality of the two tracks on the B-side is speaks for itself and suggests the producer has plenty to offer in the future.

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