Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Instra:mental/Boddika - Vicodin (Skudge Warehouse Mix)/Grand Prix (NL010)

The resurgence of acid tinged electro in 2011 undeniably stems from the work of Instra:mental. Al Green and Damon Kirkham have been prolific both in terms of their collaboration work as well as their flourishing solo projects which have inevitably taken great strides over the past few months. It’s fitting then that this split release on [nakedlunch] should be dedicated to a slice of both, with a Skudge reworking of Instra:mental’s brooding ‘Vicodin’ accompanying Boddika’s first effort since the outstanding 2727 EP on Swamp81.

Boddika’s inimitable sounds have drawn a number of deserved plaudits since his debut 12” on [nakedlunch] back in October 2010 (‘Boddika’s House’ b/w ’Syn Chron’), and ‘Grand Prix’ is testament to just how developed and refined Al Green’s production work has become. Quick fire drum machines align, generating a series of persistent kicks, rapid yet faint hats and powerful alternating toms. It’s the signature acid tinged bassline that sits upon the rigorous beat which really transforms the track. A flurry of dark corrosive lines build with severe energy, developing sounds not to dissimilar from engine’s revving on the start line of the grid. The red lights go down, and the harsh rhythm is reintroduced completed with 808 rim shots to complement the gruelling bassline; the race is underway. It’s relentless, carefully wearing you down and working you into an endless groove.

Skudge give Instra:mental’s ‘Vicodin’ the late night warehouse treatment on the 12”s B-side. The tempo is dropped to allow for the Swede’s to work their routinely monochrome magic. The rhythm patiently shuffles, defined by raw 4×4 kicks which are set against scraping hats and distant snares. ‘Vicodin’’s haunting hook is retained here, although it’s presented in a far more rasping and raw fashion compared to the original, matching the strict drum progressions as the track advances. It’s quite a contrast in style and tone to ‘Grand Prix’, but fits as an apt addition in terms of quality.

Written for Sonic Router

Boddika / Instra:mental - Grand Prix / Vicodin (Skudge Warehouse Mix) [NL010] Naked Lunch by Surus

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