Friday, 29 October 2010

Goapele - 'Milk & Honey' (Joy Orbison Refix)

Just over a year on since the release of 'Hyph Mngo', a year in which Peter O'Grady has been coveted in hype, people have quietened down slightly in regards to his obvious promise. His last EP 'The Shrew Would Have Cushioned The Blow' was released way back in February, although he did produce for me the finest EP and track of the year as of yet with the creation of the indelible 'So Derobe', a track which is so good that I still implement it as the centre piece of my sets. Obviously Orbison fans would love more regular releases from the 23 year old, but it's clear he is an artist who will only put work out there that he fully believes in. That's something I can't help but admire, even if I'm constantly pining for Mr. O'Grady's next release.

One other noticeable thing about his work is that his remixes tend to be just as excellent as his solo productions. With remixes ranging from Four Tet's 'Love Cry' & Jose James' 'Blackmagic' to Todd Edwards' 'I Might Be', O'Grady is faultless when it comes to interpreting another artists' track and leaving his own mark on it. With his refix of Goapele's 'Milk & Honey', he has delivered a wonderful track once again. Taking the beautiful Goapele vocals and speeding them up to a tempo of around 130 bpm is an ingenious decision by Orbison, who lays down a beautiful syncopated beat, surging synth chords and deep sub-bass resulting in an exquisitely produced record. It's been doing the rounds on exclusive dubplates over the past couple of months, receiving support from Ramadanman, LV and Ben UFO. It's a fantastic track, and one which I would love to see released.

However, no news can confirm this, and seeing as Orbison has produced unbelievably good tracks such as 'GR Etiquette', 'Smother' and Tentative Bidding', the chances are that we may never see this readily available on 12" or MP3. Ideally, a release will see the 'Milk & Honey' refix backed with 'GR Etiquette', one of my favourite Orbison tracks which features those brilliant Jamie Foxx vocal clips (an element which is believed to be preventing release, although I cannot confirm it). Take a listen to both the 'Milk & Honey' and 'GR Etiquette' in the videos provided, you'll undoubtedly fall in love with Peter O'Grady's production work for the foreseeable future.

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