Thursday, 16 December 2010

Untitled - 'Sicko Cell'

I'm the information. Cocaine powder.

If these words don't resonate in your mind after listening to this track 4/5 times, then I'm afraid you're in the wrong place. I haven't felt as much excitement after hearing a previously unheard track in a mix since Martyn's 'Miniluv', or I could even stretch as far back as October 2009 when I first heard J.O.'s 'Gr Etiquette' in his mix for MAH. Ben UFO's 'Gimme5' mix notified me to the song's existence, and since my first listen I have spent a vast amount of time repeating the 3 minutes of the mix which the track occupies (22:31-26:48, yes I do have a slight strain of OCD). Oneman has also been spinning the track which is believed to be named 'Sicko Cell', most notably in no.30 of The Boiler Room sessions as well as on his Rinse FM slot over the last 3 weeks (Sunday's 11pm-1am for those who fancy listening in). The identity of the artist is currently unknown, although I have a feeling I know who the artist is, and if my suspicions are correct, my love for this artist has grown ever greater, just when I thought he couldn't improve much further on previous releases.

As soon as you hear the words "I'm the information. Cocaine powder" pay very close attention. The words are repeated by a vox'd male vocal sample until the 4x4 beat is introduced, accompanied by looped vocals stating "too much" and a kick drum which threatens to erupt at any minute. The kick drums are momentarily excluded, synth chord stabs form in a wonderful arrangement, one that recalls the work of Detroit house heads Theo Parrish, Marcellus Pittman, as well as newer generation producers such as Iron Curtis and Kassem Mosse. The interlude lasts around 20 seconds, right up until the kick drum is reintroduced, far more bass heavy than its previous inclusion, dominating the track with synth stabs taking a more reserved position in the background. The element of the track which really made an impression on me however is the break. It is quite simply beautiful. The beat and synth stabs are completely excluded in a moment of bliss, one which is occupied by wonderful swarming hazy synths, understated percussive ringing as well as an interplay between vocal samples (the presence of the orginal vox'd sample "I'm the information. Cocaine powder", with another vocal wailing emotionally "I'm so addicted"). This provides the track with a weight of emotion, contrasting the surging 4x4 beat and formulated chord stabs that are swiftly established once again. Absolute killer. If it sees a release, and my lord I pray to God it does, this will undoubtedly be one of the tracks of 2011. Leave it one repeat for a good hour or so. The words "I'm the information. Cocaine powder" will soon leave their mark.

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  1. only just heard this.
    unprepared to speculate too far but it could be a j.o. track: nu-detroit vibes / tight vocal chops / strong brixton connection on the specific djs dropping it (trust me, OCD ain't nuffin).
    ur right, biggest tune of 2011 so far, beyond "wilhelm screams".
    big up whoever it is 'cos it's THE biggest "goose bumps" moment since "gr etiquette" (this will finally see the light of day as an edit on a comp in 2011).
    just gotta hold tight (like "change")
    and on that note... R.I.P Teena Marie