Tuesday, 21 December 2010

James Blake - Album Tracklisting and Artwork

Excitement most certainly embroils around this young man. The promise of his self-titled debut album on Atlas/A&M on 7th February is one of the most anticipated works of 2011, one that will be accompanied by an intriguing live show. The young 22 year old has come a long way since his debut 12" on the Hemlock print in the form of the indelible 'Air & Lack Thereof/Sparing The Horses' (June 2009) which immediately marked the producer/vocalist/DJ out as an artist who had great things ahead of him. Although the album is thought to contain very different sounds to those we originally heard in Blake's work, the album will undoubtedly contain the same grace, soulfulness and unique structuring that can be heard in records such as 'The Bells Sketch' and 'Klavierwerke' EPs.

Blake is doing something truly unique here, and after the release of the first single from the album, 'Limit To Your Love', it's no surprise he is being touted as one of the UK's most promising artists. You can find the tracklist for the album after the videos below. Most of the tracks named are previously unheard and unreleased, guaranteed to entice you further.

1. Unluck
2. Wilhelms Scream
3. I Never Learnt To Share
4. Lindesfarne I
5. Lindesfarne II
6. Limit To Your Love
7. Give Me My Month
8. To Care (Like You)
9. Why Don’t You Call Me
10. I Mind
11. Measurements

Out 7th February 2011 through Atlas/A&M. 

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