Thursday, 30 December 2010

Marcellus Pittman - Unirhythm Green #1

Rough and reaDetroit house at its very best. Marcellus Pittman, a member of the 3 Chairs production team (one which also includes Theo Parrish, Kenny Dixon Jr and Rick Wilhite), has made his name with brilliant production work over the past few years, alongside the development of his Unirhythm label and a growing reputation as one of the finest, most intense Detroit house DJ's around. Pittman's sound is unique and very distinctive, adopting a more stripped back and rugged production style, whilst incorporating the raw lo-fi signature sound of Detroit vibes.

Marcellus Pittman's first release for the Unirhythm Green series is one of his best to date. Released back in October 09, the orignial pressing was limited to 500 copies worldwide. It really is an exceptional Detroit record, with two sides of smooth as ice house from the Motor City man. The a-side to the release, which remains 'untitled', is the one which really got me excited here. The 4x4 beat pulsates, percussive arrangement provide a raw ragged sound, one which is smoothed over by the poignant, soft synth lines. The b-side, titled 'If The Earth Could Talk', is also an excellent effort by Pittman, a slightly more polished attempt in comparison to the very stripped down a-side. The beat provides a rigid structure, upon which polyrhythmic synth lines dazzle, overbearing the lo-fi percussive elements that fluidly enter and exit the track at various points. A brilliant record, one which undoubtedly asserts Pittman as one of Detroit's finest. You can still find a few copies of this release floating around online. My recommendation would be to secure the purchase of these very soon, or run the risk never owning such a wonderful record. Enjoy.

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