Friday, 24 December 2010

Smokin Beats - 'Times Are Changin' (Smokin Dub) (SMB011)

95' garage/house special for you here, delivered by Smokin Beats. The track entitled 'Times Are Changin' (Smoking Dub) is one of the smoothest I have come across, comparable to the likes of R.I.P. Productions, D.E.A. Project, and Groove Chronicles in style. The Smokin Dub version of the record is undoubtedly the highlight here, a polished track that flows effortlessly for the entirety of it's 6 minute duration. The skittery garage beat set things rolling, soon supplemented by a smooth bassline and intermittent synth stabs which balances things out. It isn't until the track reaches the 1:30 mark that it enters its full swing however. Here the aforementioned elements are joined by a delightful house styled synth chord melody, one which brings soul to the track alongside Conroy's powerful vocals. Soulful underground garage at its best, no question about it.

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