Friday, 31 December 2010

3 For 2011

I obviously have very little clue as to what will be released in the entirety of 2011, but of those records I know will see a release, here are the 3 tracks which I rate most highly. Note them. Purchase them. You won't be disappointed.

Julio Bashmore - 'Battle For Middle You'

Over the past 12 months Julio Bashmore has really asserted himself as one of the most exciting artists working on the cusp between house and UK funky with releases such as 'Batak Groove/Around' (Soul Motive) and 'Chazm/Footsteppin' (Ten Thousand Yen). His next release comes on the PMR imprint on the 10th January in the form of the 'Everybody Needs A Theme Tune' EP. The man from Bristol may have produced his finest work on this with 'Battle For Middle You'. The smooth as house rhythm, shuffling percussion, deep vocal samples and ever rising synth stabs culminate to create a track that will no doubt keep feet moving.

Addison Groove - 'Sexual'

It feels like I've been waiting for this track for an eternity. I first heard this one back in Ramadanman's MAH mix back on the 5th August. From the first minute I heard the pounding 808's, lofty synth chords and a vocal sample repeating 'we sexual', I knew this one was special. Addison Groove's juke influenced work has provided one of the highlights of 2010, and I think this success shall only grow in 2011, alongside the expansion of Chicago juke in the UK itself. The release of 'Sexual/Work It' in February on Swamp81 will unquestionably be one of the biggest in 2011.

Untitled - 'Sicko Cell'

I don't think there's much more I really need to say about 'Sicko Cell'. It could probably be the track of 2010 for my past month's obsession with it. However, if it does see a release in 2011 (touch wood), it will most certainly be the release of 2011, unless a very special record is produced to usurp it of such a status in the next 12 month. Everyday the addiction gets greater, so much so that I would say this track is equal in importance to my life as both Football Manager and Ben's Cookies (it's getting serious). Thanks to James Blake's boiler rooms mix, you can now listen to the track from it's beginning, and my word it is excellent (download the mix by clicking here - the track's intro begins at 3:19). Best of 2011? I'd put my house on it if I owned one. 

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