Thursday, 23 December 2010

Theo Parrish - 'Dance Sing' (Harmonie Park)

Soul control from the man Theo Parrish. The master of Detroit house/techno has a catalogue of high quality production work so wide that just when you think you've heard it all from the man, another wonderful piece soon surfaces, a track which you were before deprived any knowledge of. This week I have for some reason only just come across the 'Twin Cities' EP (Harmonie Park) which was released in March 2004. It is the track 'Dance Sing' which really caught my attention here, epitomizing all that is great in Parrish's work. 

It's a raw but utterly soulful track. It makes an instant connection. The opening is dominated by an interesting percussive beat, one which sounds very rugged and rough round the edges, gaining further layers throughout the duration of this patient introduction. The track's real beauty shines through after 1:3o, where the heart and soul is created. A stunningly warm synth chord arrangement slowly rises as the harsher intricate percussion recedes, with a determined 4x4 beat patiently building as the track progresses. Add to the lo-fi synths the looped sample which repeats the words "dance sing", and this track bleeds soul. It's a track which you can't help but nod along to, it's hypnotic in its 13 minute duration. Absolute killer from Parrish, from start to finish. You can listen to 'Dance Sing' in the video below, as well as his recent refix of Amerie's 'One Thing' entitled 'Just 1 love Bug', printed on a limited edition clear red vinyl. Enjoy.

"Love of the music should be the driving force of any producer, performer or DJ. Everything else stems from that core, that love. With that love, sampling can become a tribute; An expansion on ideas long forgotten, reconstruction, collage. Using the same understanding openly and respectfully can turn DJing into a spiritual participation. It can turn a few hours of selection into essential history; Necessary listening through movement." (Theo Parrish)

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  1. I agree with you on the comments about Theo Parrish.. his arrangements within the music that he makes sounds so complicated - however they ever so Soulful. I love when he touches on the House/Soul combination.

    A wonderful talent, and one we should all make more noise about. Just a yet another House music producer that makes wonderful music.

    Carl Brown (Dj Mistri)
    Ipswich Town