Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Addison Groove - 'It's Got Me / Minutes Of Funk' (3024-012)

New Addison Groove material forthcoming on Martyn's 3024 recordings. A year between his first and second 12" releases, it seems as if Tony Williams has been refining the 'Addison Groove sound' over the past 12 months, and this is something which will be evidenced in a prolific run of releases over the next couple of weeks. 'Work It/Sexual' (Swamp009) asserted the development of the Chicago juke-infused UK bass sound that Addison has been slowly but surely perfecting, with frenetic drum programming, pounding 808 hits, constantly shifting synth tones, infectious vocal samples as well as beautiful introverted breakdowns that delight upon every listen. 'Sexual' demonstrated Addison's strongest work to date, but this may just be outdone by two forthcoming releases.

Addison's next release is for Pinch's Tectonic imprint, with the 12" due for release on the 18th April. Two tracks feature on this single, titled 'This Is It/Make Um Bounce'. Previews of the tracks are currently unavailable, although both tracks are filtering beneath the surface in select mixes. I've only had the opportunity to experience a brief clip of 'This Is It', and it undoubtedly rivals 'Sexual' in terms of quality, Addison providing a wonderful balance between blissful and the bastard.

Addison's following 12" will be released through 3024, with release date set for 2nd May. This will be another two track single, featuring 'It's Got Me/Minutes Of Funk', forming yet another killer release. These are two tracks which Addison has been sitting on for a good while now, with 'It's Got Me' featuring in his mix for Mary Anne Hobbs back in April 2010, and 'Minutes Of Funk' included in Jackmaster's URB mix in October.

The A-side ('It's Got Me') is the stepper, with intricate drum programming that forever builds and progresses, with each snare initiating varying synth chimes. A repetitive vocal soon accompanies, leading up to the brilliant breakdown, in which repetitive cowbells sit comfortably alongside a soft synth melody. These elements are soon joined by pounding 808s, handclaps and a hypnotic vocal that forces movement. The B-side is an equally brilliant effort, a smoother track more along the lines of 'Sexual'. 'Minutes Of Funk' situated around a rolling 808 rhythm, with flickered hi-hats filling the gaps in between. Looped vocals samples feature throughout, and resonate in the mind along with a lovely synth melody which emerges from beneath the breakdown. Listen the the track preview's in the bar below.

Undoubtedly two of the finest track's you'll hear this year, with Addison further cementing his reputation for creating what 3024 themselves have termed a 'one man genre'. 'It's Got Me/Minutes Of Funk' are evidence of Addison's strongest work yet, challenging the quality of his previous release which itself has made a huge impact. And this is without full exposure to his next release, 'This Is It/Make Um Bounce', which promises to please likewise. Three killer releases within the space of three months. 2011 is the year of Addison Groove.

3024-012 ADDISON GROOVE EP by 3024world

Press Release:

'3024's West Country themed takeover climaxes with the 2 previously unheard tracks from one man genre Addison Groove. Marrying hyper kinetic drum programming and dusty-crate dwelling loops to gauzy electronic textures and introspective breakdowns has marked the artist formerly known as Headhunter out as exactly the kind of resolutely unclassifiable Producer 3024 set out to support, and the below tracks are the strongest evidence yet of the increasing refinement of the Addison Groove sound.

Wrapped around the physical version is probably Erosie's most elaborate sleeve design yet, with the chromatic splicing a perfect partner for the contents it flamboyantly protects.'

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