Thursday, 31 March 2011

Tyler The Creator - 'Goblin' (Forthcoming XL)

The leader of the Odd Future Wolf Gang collective is at it again. Tyler The Creator's second album, the follow up to his acclaimed raw debut 'Bastard', is titled 'Goblin' and will be released through XL Recordings on the 10th May. Dark punishing beats, haunting melodies, intelligent rhymes. Tyler's refining a strong sound, one which isn't going unnoticed. His 2009 debut studio album made quite an impact, with Tyler controlling production as he will be for 'Goblin'. 'VCR', 'Inglorious' and 'AssMilk' are all essentials from 'Bastard'. The first single from 'Goblin' is titled 'Yonkers', and both the video and the track itself have indicated a great development in the 20 year olds work. His strongest work to date? I would suggest so, and if it's a sign of things to come on 'Goblin', then we could be in for one of the albums of 2011. The album will see release on vinyl, CD as well as digital. The tracklist is below. 10th May 2011.

Goblin Tracklist: 01 Goblin 02 Yonkers 03 Radicals 04 She 05 Transylvania 06 Nightmare 07 Tron Cat 08 Her 09 Sandwitches 10 Fish 11 Analog 12 BSD 13 Window 14 AU79 15 Golden

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