Thursday, 17 March 2011

Pearson Sound - 'Working With/Deep Inside' (NSWL007)

Pearson Sound - 'Working With/Deep Inside'

David Kennedy's first release of 2011 has arrived, and unsurprisingly the young man has produced an absolute killer. The release will come on the Night Slugs white label, an offshoot of the main label which specialises in upfront remixes, most notably the outstanding Jam City 'Refixes' EP. The release, now available form various online stores now, comprises of two Pearson Sound edits, the first his take on Rod Lee's Baltimore house track 'Let Me See What U Workin With', the second Hardrive's 1993 classic house effort 'Deep Inside'.

Both tracks are recognisably Pearson Sound refixes from the off. 'Working With' carefully weaves an intricate juke-infused percussive arrangement, soon accompanied by devastating bass kicks, a simple acid synth melody and the infectious vocal sample from Rod Lee's original. 'Deep Inside' thrives off a wonderfully constructed percussive arrangement that nods to 90s hardcore and chicago juke, with cowbells resonating in the spaces in between and the Hardrive vocal sample hypnotising in its endless repetition. These refixes are undoubtedly closer to 'Blanked/Blue Eyes' in relation to Kennedy's past material. Brilliant as per usual. Vinyl only, so act fast.

'Working With/Deep Inside' also coincides this week with the release of Pearson Sound/Ramadanman's Fabriclive 56 Mix. You can preview the first 30 minutes of the mix below, it doesn't disappoint (the inclusion of Pearson's 'GR Etiquette' symphonic mix most certainly helps). Be sure to purchase both, they're absolute essentials.

Ramadanman FABRICLIVE56 30minSTREAM by The FADER

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