Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Addison Groove - 'Work It/Sexual' (SWAMP009)

Addison Groove - 'Work It/Sexual'

If I could convey my sense of joy at receiving this 12" through the post last Friday morning I would, but I'm afraid words just wouldn't give the feeling justice. Originally due for release on the 28th February, the date was pushed back, but thankfully only two weeks. It's been 8 long months since I first heard and fell in love with the wonderful b-side 'Sexual', which surfaced at the end of Ramadanman's mix for Mary Anne Hobbs back in August. Ever since, endless repeats of a short two minute clip have been endured much to my dissatisfaction, however, such a prolonged wait has made ownership of the 12" all the more satisfying.

'Sexual' sounds beautiful in its full duration on wax. 808 beats drive the track along at 144bpm, with the sensuous subs, infectiously looped sample and Detroit house pads creating an effortlessly smooth rolling vibe. For me it's the track of 2011 so far. 'Work It' is another excellent production from Addison, more inclined to fusing elements of juke and straight electro, with pounding 808s, rousing acid basslines and a killer vox'd vocal sample. Two killers from Addison, and you'd expect no less. The quality of the 12" and the artwork is second to none also, a mark of Swamp81's work recently. Fine 180g vinyl delivered in the sleeves and artwork by the brilliant Ashes57. I couldn't ask for more.

Swamp81 and Addison provide the best to date in 2011.

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