Friday, 18 March 2011

Introducing Visionist (Mr.67)

Introducing Visionist (Mr.67). The 21 year old producer is one of the most promising artists around at the minute, with his unique take on UK bass music making quite an impact. Visionist is part of the ‘We Are Dubist’ crew, a collective of MCs, DJs and producers who run a series of dubstep nights. Visionist isn’t a dubstep producer though. ‘Mr.67’, the track which featured in Oneman’s set at the Boiler Room #45 (Standard Place), demonstrates the young producer’s unique sound, one which I can only draw comparisons to in relation to Addison Groove (especially ‘Footcrab’), and still there are notable contrasts.

‘Mr.67’ is infectious. The tracks intricate percussive arrangements, distant synth, recurring cowbells and repetitive vox’d vocal sample combine to form a track which will soon dominate sets, in a similar fashion to ‘Footcrab’ and ‘Work Them’. The track has been receiving a great deal of support, with plays on Rinse FM from Blackdown and Oneman, as well as backing from the likes of French Fries and Dark Sky. It has also been recently announced that Visionist has signed to Oneman’s 502 Recordings, and he will also be working on releases for another couple of releases which should hopefully be surfacing soon.

Visionist (Mr.67) has kindly put together an exclusive mix of his own productions for us, demonstrating his promise as an artist. The mix contains some excellent material, with highlights including the ever growing ‘Mr.67’, 'A.E.O.M', 'Can’t Handle This', and ‘Come In’. If this is an indication of what’s to come from Visionist, he will undoubtedly emerge as one of 2011’s most promising producers. You can check out Visionist’s sounds by clicking here, and the mix is available for download below (follow the link to download).

Visionist (Mr.67) - Daily Bugle Mix

- Mr.67
- A.E.O.M
- W.M.I.D
- I Don’t
- Sweepstake
- Can’t Handle This
- Tropic Thunder
- Rock The Flock
- Temptations
- Come In

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