Thursday, 17 March 2011

Joy Orbison - 'GR Etiquette' (Pearson Sound Symphonic Mix)

Joy Orbison - 'GR Etiquette/Pearson Sound Symphonic Mix'

24th September 2009 was the first time I heard Joy Orbison's 'Gr Etiquette', the second track in his guest mix for Mary Anne Hobbs. It has always since remained my favourite Joy O track; it even outdoes 'Ellipsis' for me. On the surface it is a seemingly simple track, but I think this is also the factor that lends such quality to its production. As in line with earlier material from O'Grady, a strong garage influence can be heard in 'GR Etiquette', with a smooth syncopated percussive pattern structuring the track. The two note organ melody and the beautiful Jamie Foxx vocal sample ("do you like I want to. Kiss you like I want to" - taken from 'Can I Take U Home') provide the heart of the track, and it's most certainly these elements which have resonated in my mind. It is simply excellent.

David Kennedy (aka Pearson Sound/Ramadanman) has refixed the track under his Pearson Sound moniker, with the track featuring on his forthcoming Fabriclive 56 Mix (released on Monday). Kennedy's impact on the track is well conceived, staying true to the track's original mix. The track's tempo is decreased, and the overall feel sound is understated, with the melodic organ arrangement gaining real prominence alongside Foxx's exquisite vocal samples. He strips back the tracks percussive elements, reducing it to the outlined skipping garage beat which progressively comes to the fore. Kennedy handles the remix duties superbly here, giving a new take on the track whilst retaining its key original markers.

Questions of a release will inevitably arise once again after the symphonic mix surfaces in Pearson's Fabriclive Mix. Whether or not we will see a 12" featuring both tracks is impossible to tell. All we can hope is that Doldrums may just be preparing this for their next limited 12" run.


  1. i bet Jaime Foxx wants to get paid to use his vocal sample...white label is in order

  2. I spoke to Joy about GR Etiquette at the Swamp81 party

    Really interesting actually, said he could've put it out had he wanted to but for him it felt that the track was more "then" for him in terms of his production

    But he also said he had a few very interesting things planned for the track, but he alluded no more!