Saturday, 1 January 2011

HomePark - 'What A Day' EP (ER 0005WL)

The first release of 2011 that I have purchased, and what an excellent way to start the year. HomePark really made an impression on my tastes last year, with strong releases on both the Bliq ('Estimated' EP) and 3rd Strike ('Forever Walking' EP) imprints. The duo, comprised of Rob Glassett and Sam Fussell, produce deep house, with the results being effortlessly smooth. This is displayed in the 'What A Day' EP which is released on Monday on the Enterbt imprint, an example of their best work in my opinion.

The 4-track EP begins with the title track 'What A Day', providing undoubtedly the highlight of the record. This is their best track to date, showing signs of maturity and progression in their work. As ever patience is and progression are vital in this 7 minute killer. The track slowly builds, with a steady 4x4 beat immediately established, with a flurry of synth chords arrangements slowly growing in prominence as the track's introduction advances. It isn't until the introduction of the snares and the hand claps around the 1:10 mark that the track really kicks into life. The wonderful synth chord arrangement soon takes dominance from the reserved beat, with the soulful female vocal sample crying 'what a day' lying perfectly beside such chords. Soulful and deep, you wouldn't have expected any less. A beautiful track. 

Alongside 'What A Day on the a-side of the record is 'You Tell Me'. This is a strong follow up to 'What A Day', adopting a similar template to create a deep, soulful house sound. The house rhythm is smooth, with a slow, fluid beat which sits beside a soft chord arrangement and intermittent synth lines, whilst the diva vocal sample wailing 'you tell me' frequents. The b-side is composed of two unknown tracks which I haven't previously heard. You can listen to the track briefly on Juno in the preview. And if the previews are anything to go by, the quality control on these two is very high. HomePark's best yet, simply purchase it by clicking here.

What a day (enterbt) by HomePark

You tell me (enterbt) by HomePark

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