Sunday, 16 January 2011

2562 - 'Aquatic Family Affair' (doubt000)

2011 sees the return of Dave Huisman's work as 2562. Almost a year on since his last production under the 2562 alias, he is back with new production work, with his first release of 2011 titled 'Family Aquatic Affair'. 2010 was the year for A Made Up Sound, with Huisman's techno/house production work gaining much attention through the brilliant releases 'Rear Window' and 'Demons'. However, concentration seems to have returned to his more dubstep influenced 2562 monicker.

'Aquatic Family Affair' signals the return to form of 2562, a track characteristic of the melodic dubstep that complied the brilliant 'Unbalance' LP back in October 2009 ('Lost' being a particularly suitable example of this sound). A syncopated beat opens things, creating a stepping rhythm with outer space synths drifting distantly in the background. This provides a steady 40 second introduction, but it's after the drop that this track finds life. A heavy bassline works up a storm, but one in which a heartwarming, beautiful synth chord melody arises from. The wonderful arrangement seems to forever rise and in turn retreat, providing a layer of soul and emotion to the strong and intricate structure of the beat. The melody warms, and will leave you yearning for repetition of the sound after every listen, a heart felt low slung production. Listen to a clip of the forthcoming track in the player below.

The track will see release on 7th February to mark the launch of Huisman's new In Doubt label. It will be limited to 300 copies worldwide on blue vinyl sealed in hand printed sleeves. There will be no digital release or repress of this track, so make the purchase of the 12" quickly upon its release. An album from Huisman should also be surfacing for release in April. 2562 is undoubtedly back, don't miss out on his return.

2562 'Aquatic Family Affair' When In Doubt (doubt000) a side by stholdings

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