Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Paris Underground Trax - 'Vol. 1'

This EP is one of the best I've heard in a while, and how I wish I had come across it upon it's immediate release back in October 2010. The EP is simply labelled 'Vol. 1', the artist remaining anonymous under the title Paris Underground Trax. It is the second release on the independent Parisian label My Love Is Underground, which is slowly but surely building a strong reputation with quality house releases. Even more impressive is the fact the label is strictly vinyl releases only, so passionate is label owner Jeremy "Underground Paris" about the format.

Classic/deep house seems to be the labels forte, with underground house releases forming the labels initial sounds. Paris Underground Trax 'Vol. 1' is a wonderful release, and clearly demonstrates an affinity to underground/classic house sounds, particularly of the early-mid 90s. The 4-track EP is smooth house at it's best, updating the sounds of 90s East Coast to present day, a transition which is so brilliantly worked. The tracks are composed of similar elements; swinging rhythms, deep kicks, diva vocal samples, heavy basslines and old school keyboard melodies. Each track playfully arranges these elements carefully, providing infectious listening. 4/4 beats and joyous keyboard melodies kick things off, and will keep dancefloors shuffling all night long. 'Sexy Thing' is probably the highlight of what is an excellent EP, with a soulful female sample, beautiful synth melodies and a forceful beat. A killer 4-track EP. Essential listening.

Paris Underground Trax - 'Vol. 1'
A - 'NYC Underground'
AA - 'Sexy Thing Remix'
B - 'Hardcore Deep House'
BB - 'GTFO!'

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  1. Great tracks, thanks for making sunny L.A even better on this saturday, Cheers Mr Blom