Sunday, 30 January 2011

Ramadanman Fabriclive 56

The tracklist for the highly anticipated Fabriclive mix from Ramadanman (aka Pearson Sound) has recently been released, and it has served only to escalate interest and excitement for the 56th mix CD from Fabriclive. The mix CD will be released on March 21st, and it sees Kennedy explore a variety of sounds, predominantly house orientated although incorporating elements of garage, grime and dubstep. It is this focus on the more house focused sounds that really excites me here.

If the tracklist for the mix is anything to go by, this should easily be one of the highlights of 2011. There are no fewer than 10 of Kennedy's own productions featured, alternating equally between his Ramadanman and Pearson Sound alias'. A few of these are completely unknown also, so it will be very interesting to gain a first listen of tracks such as 'Hawker', 'Project' and 'Picon'. The stand out element of this tracklist is surely Kennedy's symphonic refix of J.O's stunning production 'Gr Etiquette'. The prospect of Kennedy refixing such a wonderful track is a brave move, but he has always delivered simply excellent results. New Addison Groove material (titled 'Fuck The 101' to join the unreleased brilliance of '5 Minutes Of Funk'), an unknown Elgato track as well as a special mix of J.O. and Ramadanman's 'J.Doe' and 'Work Them' respectively also cause quite a stir in this tracklist. Not to mention the support provided by Levon Vincent, Pangaea, Jam City et al.

The tracklist is brilliant, and I have no doubt Kennedy's mixing of such material will be second to none. Dubplates. Anthems. Deep Cuts. This promises be an outstanding listen. If not for Kennedy's own production, the 'Gr Etiquette' remix must entice.

Fabriclive 56 Tracklist:
1. Pearson Sound – Hawker
2. Levon Vincent – Late Night Jam
3. Elgato – Music (Body Mix)
4. Marcello Napoletano – Everyday Madness
5. Tiyiselani Vomaseve – Vanghoma
6. Pearson Sound – Wad (fabric Edit)
7. Julio Bashmore – Battle for Middle You
8. Ramadanman – Grab Somebody
9. Ramadanman & Appleblim – Void23 (Carl Craig Re-edit)
10. Pearson Sound – Project
11. Joy Orbison – GR Etiquette (Pearson Sound symphonic refix)
12. J Kenzo – Ruckus (Martin Kemp Remix)
13. Fugative – Bad Girl (Lil Silva Dub)
14. A Made Up Sound – Demons
15. Jam City – Night Mode
16. Mr Mageeka – Different Lekstrix
17. Pangaea – Inna Daze
18. Pearson Sound – Stifle
19. MJ Cole feat. Wiley – From the Drop
20. Pinch – Qawwali
21. Joy Orbison vs. Ramadanman – J. Doe Them
22. Pearson Sound – Picon
23. Burial – Pirates
24. Die Barbie Musik Kollektive – Face (Junk)
25. GIRL Unit – IRL (Original / Bok Bok Remix)
26. D1 – Subzero
27. 18. S-X – Woo Riddim / Ramadanman – Glut
28. Addison Groove – Fuck the 101
29. Mala – City Cycle / Joe – Claptrap (Tease)
30. Sigha – Light Swells (In A Distant Space)

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